Wil MassDOT boss forever be known as “The Davey Who Stole Christmas”

UPDATE: Fox25 is reporting that Davey has absolved the Christmas joymaker.  Kudos.

On Christmas day in Whoville at the Park Street Station some amused passengers where pleasantlybsurprised to hear that the automated warning voice got some holiday cheer. ( http://twitvid.com/OYTOR )

Now, according to multiple news reports, the PA system operator on duty on the MBTA’s Red Line on Christmas faces disciplinary action.  

The MBTA is now run by MassDOT, who’s Secretary and CEOis the former head of the T, Rich Davey. Davey has a choice to make, cut the PA operator some slak, or forever be known as the “Davey Who Stole Christmas”

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