Why I could support Ron Paul for President

This is a tough one.  Bear with me on this.

I agree with most conservatives that Ron Paul’s foreign policy views are all wrong.  Worse, some of the things he says to support them seem cribbed directly from anti American leftist talking points.  9-11?  Well its all our fault, you see.  

I know, its awful.  It makes one want to puke.

But he does have a point around the notion that we are the world’s policeman, and borrowing money from China for the privilege.  As much as I do agree that Pax Americana is good not just for the world, but, significantly, for US (!!), I too grow tired of trying to solve all the world’s ill’s and getting nothing but hatred back in return.  Sometimes I think it would feel good to just leave em to their own devices.

Domestically, no one is more consistent that Ron Paul in his strict libertarian values.  The problem is almost always big federal government, and let me tell you that is the damn truth.  Big government sucks the soul from our country, regulates and taxes us so badly that 10 years after 9-11 there was still a hole in the ground, so badly that all business that can move offshore, does, so badly so many people who can do so refuse to create a new business or job.  At the same time as splitting us apart and making erstwhile mobile “classes” into enemies of each other, creates a dependent but reliably big government voting class that in actual fact strips dignity and purpose from the lives of those it purports to help.  Advances the slow but steady march towards socialism (i.e. government control) and away from the freedoms which were the very reason for the founding of this great nation.

Ron Paul inspires.  He’s a tough choice, but there are times when I think it would be worth it to leave the rest of the world to on their own in order to gain our country back.  Because, if we don’t, then what the hell does it matter anyway?

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  • Karl Marx

    an abject failure. And he’s failed to fully disavow white supremacists. He’s let on that he wanted their support. The strategy was the produce of Lew Rockwell and the late Murray Rothbard.

    Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, a white nationalist group that has endorsed Ron Paul, joins Cenk to talk about Paul’s now-notorious newsletters that included racist comments. “We agree with his stand on the issues, which we believe are heartfelt, coincide with ours. I might prefer that he understand the racial issues that we deal with a little more than he does.”

    “I knew about the newsletters, of course,” Black says. “I certainly was under the impression that Ron Paul wrote them.” Even Black says the newsletters were “a little bit over the top,” including “typical hyperbole, cutesy little things that somebody came up with, whoever it was, trying to appeal to Ron Paul’s paleo-conservative base.”

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    If Ron Paul wins he will get to make an inaugural speech and that idea scares the hell out of me.  He will being spewwing all kinds of rubbish about neo-cons, and how every war the US has fought was to occupy foreign lands for oil, and how pot ought to be legal, he will talk about how 9-11 was an inside job, bigfoot is real etc, etc, etc….