Why I could support Mitt for President

OK, wow, a Republican from Massachusetts could support Mitt Romney for Prez?  Not very brave of me perhaps, but lets face it, he does have one of the best shots of winning, and for all that he’s not, he is certainly a great businessman and very competent executive.  So he’s got that all over Obama from day 1.

Right, we don’t know what he really believes on many things, and he has been caught saying jaw-droppingly awful stuff not just in the way past (“my views are progressive”) but recently as well.  Since I’m saying I’d support him, I’ll refrain from piling on.

But the real problem for Mitt isn’t really his flip floppery or his political opportunism or the fact that we don’t REALLY know what he’ll do beyond roll back Obamacare (though frankly, that alone would be worth it).  The real problem is that he fails to inspire in the way that I think we need right now.

So the challenge for Mitt is to inspire.  Yes, he’ll have to take some risks and maybe blow the whole thing in the process, but eventually he’ll have to pick some core values and speak to us from his soul, and not just convince the willing, but also win over others, skeptics, people who haven’t give it much though, Democrats.  Reagan could do that, and Mitt can’t, yet.  That’s why he can’t get 30% in the polls.

If Mitt can do that he’ll go way up.  If he goes way up it either means he did that, or everyone else fell away.  Either way, he’ll have my vote.

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