Who Will Continue the Reagan Legacy?

The 2012 presidential election may be the most crucial in America’s history, Michael Reagan says.

Michael hosts the Newsmax 2012 Election Special.

In this riveting program, Michael also reveals why Newsmax believes Newt Gingrich – of all the GOP candidates – is the best to continue “the Reagan legacy.”


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  • YOU will, Cliffy.

    Newt, however, will not.

  • edfactor

    I came of age in his presidency, and he made me feel great about the GOP and America. (I even have a postcard that was mailed from his inauguration on my shelf.)

    But in terms of what we need to do now, it is time to move on. The country is different, the party is different, and our politics are different. Every time some Republican brings up Reagan in the context of today’s politics, I say the same thing: “Ronald Reagan is dead.”

  • …is like supporting Curtis LeMay in 1980 because he’s a General just like Ike was.

    Time has gone by, issues are different.  We don’t need another Reagan, we need a new leader.

  • Cant say who will, but can say who wont. Gingrich wont because he cant win. They all look great until someone peaks under the hood, and kicks them in the tires.

  • Romney wont because he cant win