While Raising Money From West Coast 1%, Elizabeth Warren Praises New Focus on Class Warfare

Last week Elizabeth Warren visited California to raise money from the left coast 1% for her U.S. Senate Campaign.  During that visit she took the time to speak with liberal columnist Phil Bronstein to discuss her race. Phil seems to be mighty smitten with Ms. Warren.

Of particular note is Ms. Warren’s glee that the focus of the nation has been switched from a focus on the budget deficits, and debt to class warfare.

“Four months ago, all anyone talked about was the $14 trillion debt,” Warren told me during her visit. “And how many cuts we’ll have to make. Occupy Wall Street changed the conversation to 99 and 1.” But the herding-cats quality of OWS makes her wonder, “Where will it go? No one knows.” The downside? “They won’t seize the moment, and they’ll lose it.”

Once you look under the cover, Ms. Warren seems to just be the same old failed progressive tax and spend liberal.  

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  • that does best in elections here? (As long as they campaign…)  

  • edfactor

    So… are we not in debt anymore Professor Warren? How does the distraction of income inequality help the economy so that we can pay off debt (and just maybe address that income gap)?

    It is reading stuff like this that makes me believe that Senator Brown could be re-elected. The independent voters who will decide the senate race are not with the Tea Party or The OWS crowd. They believe that a rising tide of prosperity will lift all boats – including their own. He must convince people that his ideas will do that, and that Professor Warren’s ideas never will.

    As Milton Friedman said (write this down Brown campaign staff) “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” Amen!