What is a Republican?

Everyone is posting about Republicans in Name Only, RINO’s. Everyone seems to either hate the term, or hate RINOS, but no one has been able to explain what a Republican is, or what a RINO is, or why Republicans should be elected.

This blog is supposed to be to support Republicans, but you guys don’t even know why. It’s laughable and pathetic.  

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  • I believe this originated under then Republican National Chairman, later Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour around 1993.

    I believe that the proper function of government is to do for the people those things that have to be done but cannot be done, or cannot be done as well by individuals, and that the most effective government is closest to the people.

    I believe that good government is based on the individual and that each person’s ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility must be honored and recognized.

    I believe that free enterprise and the encouragement of individual initiative and incentive have given this nation an economic system second to none.

    I believe that sound money policy should be our goal.

    I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex, or national origin.  I believe that persons with disabilities should be afforded equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity as well.

    I believe we must retain those principles worth retaining, yet always be receptive to new ideals with an outlook broad enough to accommodate thoughtful change and varying points of view.

    I believe that Americans value and should preserve their feelings of national strength and pride, and at the same time share with people everywhere a desire for peace and freedom and the extension of human rights throughout the world.


  • edfactor

    This blog is just a water cooler for conversations. It has no official affiliation with the Republican party. Many people visit with a wide variety of beliefs, though there are patterns among frequent visitors who call themselves Republicans.

    The word Republican has meant many things through the decades. It has certainly evolved over time and there are regional differences. Certain organizations have their own current definitions. So, for example, the MassGOP has a list of principles on its website here.

    But in the end, it means something to an individual who calls himself a Republican in the public square.

    I have complete clarity why I am Republican. For me, being a Republican means:

    -That the people, and not the government, are the primary providers of prosperity and human dignity.

    -That it is better to pursue economic dynamism and freedom over social justice and economic equality, as it will provide the greatest benefit to all citizens.

    -That American military, economic, and cultural strength is the most effective way to spread freedom, peace, and prosperity throughout the world.

    Others would make a different list. That is fine. 🙂

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    A Republican is a person that walks upright.

    A Democrat slithers along the ground.

    A RINO tries walking upright, but can’t help bending over to talk to every Democrat along the way.  

  • A Republican is a member of the Republican Party, nothing more. The Republican Party is a political apparatus. It is not an organization with a permanent mission statement or purpose.

    The GOP platform changes at national and state conventions every four years. So a “Republican” is relative to time and place.