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  • 5.  Bob Maginn/Frank McNamara election

    4.  Jennifer Nassour’s surprise resignation

    3.  Keiko Orral’s special election win

    2.  Peter Durant’s win for the xth time!

    1.  The doubling of the MassGOP House caucus

    #6 probably would’ve been Charlie Baker’s victory at the State Convention.

    Non-intra-Mass (and I’m sure many others aren’t coming to mind):

    #1 Osama Bin Laden – DEAD

    #2 Barney Frank – RESIGNS

    #3 Redistricting

    #4 Gabby Giffords – RECOVERS

    #5 Moammar Quadaffi – DEAD  

  • of the year is Michele Bachman being taken seriously by anyone.

  • Political-Local

    #1-A House Speaker not getting indicted

    #2-DiMasi found guilty

    #3-Probation scandal

    #4-Casinos and Racinos




    #2-Obama’s High Negatives

    #3-GOP’s lack of traction given #1 and #2

    #4-Rick Perry’s underwhelming campaign


  • Political-Local

    #1-Probation Scandal

    #2-DiMasi, Turner, Willkerson Sentencings

    #3-Chelsea Housing Authority Scandal

    #4-Gaming Passes

    #5-Olver and Barney Retire – Oops


    #1-Partisan Gridlock

    #2-Crony Capitalism (Its Green in More Ways than 1)

    #3-Obama’s Fall From Grace

    #4-Reported vs. Real Unemployment

    #5-International Stability Falters While U.S. Pulls Back

  • edfactor

    For MA politics, tough to prioritize, but here is my best shot:

    1. Redistricting (Losing a congressman, Frank resigns, lots of other fallout)

    2. DiMasi convicted

    3. Elizabeth Warren announces

    4. Romney as GOP front runner

    5. Maginn becomes MassGOP chairman

    But my personal favorite political story of the year for Massachusetts politics was…

    – Freshman state rep and staffer having sex on beacon hill house floor well after late-night budget talks.


  • include:

    S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time.

    SEALs kill OBL.

    Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt.

    Illegal war on Libya, Muslim Brotherhood takes over Libya.

    Tsunami in Japan.

    What??  Charlie Sheen had a meltdown??


  • Massachusetts Politics

    1.  Elizabeth Warren announces Senate Run.

    2.  Scott Brown admits to Plagiarism of Values Statement–blames staff.

    3.  Barney Frank retires

    4.  Mitt Romney removes disk drives before leaving office

    5.  Redistricting.

    National Politics

    1.  Osama Bin Laden is killed.

    2.  Shooting of Rep Gabrielle Giffords

    3.  Debt Limit Dispute and Super Committee impasse

    4.  Rise of Newt Gingrich

    5.  GOP disarray over payroll tax

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    1. Barney Frank has manboobs.

    2. Numerous media reports ‘Obama’ dead instead of ‘Osama’ dead.  

    3. Obama declares himself 4th best President EVER!.

    4. Elizabeth Warren barks at crowd of how businesses should not be using the roads she built with the workers she educated.

    5. CVIM banned from RMG…