Tom Conroy is scared of Lizzy Warren. Why?

Democrat state Rep Tom Conroy has decided to withdraw his bid to become a US Senator from Massachusetts.  A seasoned political figure with good standing in the state house, yet not willing to run against Elizabeth Warren for the chance to unseat Scott Brown.  Read more here at Boston Herald.

He is not the first person to withdraw from the race.  Newton Mayor Setti Warren and activist Alan Khazei both quit the race once Elizabeth Warren announced her bid. Also former LG candiate Robert Massie bowed out of the race earlier.  

So what gives?  Conroy claims he can not run against the better financed Warren who currently has a $3 million campaign fund.  Instead, Conroy will go and run for re election to his current seat in the state House.  

I say it is a bunch of BS and here is why…

Tom Conroy is willing to stage a 650 mile walk around the state of Massachusetts, but is afraid to spend a few bucks to try and beat Liz Warren?  I guess he didn’t really want to be a US Senator afterall.  And, if he is afraid of running against Liz Warren because she has a $3 million warchest – then what the heck was he gonna do when he ran against Scott Brown who has $14 million?  Had he not even considered that?  Lastly, it was earlier this month that he presented his 5 point plan on how to create jobs as part of his campaign to beat Liz Warren.  Why the sudden change?  

Something here does not make sense.  Conroy wanted to win, but he didn’t want to spend money?  He wanted to win recently enough that he presented a 5 point plan earlier this month, but suddently quits because his opponent in the primary is too tough?

I have said it before and I will say it again – Liz Warren and the Demcrat party are pushing people out of the race.  Liz Warren is not so strong and smart and brave that a group of able bodied men and seasoned politicians faint like pansies at the thought of running against her.

Why won’t Liz Warren allow people to run against her?  Why are they forcing people out of the primary race? What are the other candidates being promised as part of the quid pro quo to quit the race?  It is so early in the campaign season and yet able bodied Democrats are dropping like flies in the challenge to Lizzie Warren.  

There are 3 candidates left to oppose Lizzie Warren – when will they drop out of the race?  

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  • Amazing analysis.

    Conroy likely dropped out so that he could fundraise for his state rep seat before the year-end.

    It wasn’t that he didn’t want to SPEND money, it’s that he couldn’t RAISE money up against Warren. If Warren were not in the race, the fundraising wouldn’t be as hard because all of the money wouldn’t be flowing in one direction. Your Brown analogy doesn’t hold water because money would flow to the Dem nominee.

    Your quid-pro-quo charge is  

  • …he didn’t have the $$$ to primary Lizzie.  AFTER the primary, enough $$$$$ would flow from Unions into his coffers to face Brown’s $$millions.

    ….but he knew he’d not make it to step 2.

    Wise choice on his part…

  • 1.  He isn’t able to raise any money.

    2.  The polls show him 75 points behind Warren in the primary.

    Together, Tom Conroy’s decision looks like a “no-brainer”  

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Setti Warren and Alan Khazei dumped out after (I think) 1 debate with E Warren.  And I think they were even begining to challenge her to not accept corporate donations.

    Tom Conroy I think just saw the writing on the wall.  Elizabeth Warren has been hand picked by the Dem Machine, She has way more money and support and he could make enemies by running against Warren so he dropped out.  I don’t think it was any one person telling him to dump out.

  • I think V3PN is onto something. The Dems don’t want a primary, because then they’d have to try to appeal to Democrats and Progressives in order to win the primary, and if they do that, everyone will be reminded that Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat and supports transgender surgery mandated coverage like Birth Control coverage is now mandated (even for company plans!), and supports equal reproductive rights for same-sex couples and transgendered people. They’d have to make It Gets Better videos because Laurel would stamp her feet and embarrass them into proving their radical cred.

    That’s the last thing they want to have to do, they want people to think Warren is a conservative librarian prude heterosexual no-nonsense mom who will go to Washington to take on the big banks and stop predatory lending and balance the budget like it was her household budget, cutting all the silly stuff, and that’s it. But she’s a Democrat who is going to go along with the radical Harvard transhumanist agenda. Hopefully Brown opposes that agenda and will force her off message, it’s the only way he can win.