The SJC’s Cape Wind Decision

Late last year the Patrick Administration’s Department of Public Utilities determined that a power purchase deal between National Grid and Cape Wind was reasonable and in the “public interest,” despite a price tag that will force National Grid rate payers to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars above what they would otherwise pay for electricity.

Anti- Cape Wind groups including the Associated Industries of Massachusetts and the New England Power Generators Association brought suit challenging the determination.  Earlier this week the Supreme Judicial Court upheld the DPU’s determination.

Cape Wind’s developers are hailing the ruling as a major victory in their long slog to construction.  In truth, however, the court’s decision is entirely unremarkable.  In finding that “there was clearly sufficient evidence on which the department could base its conclusion that the special benefits of (the Cape Wind power deal) exceeded those of other renewable energy resources,” all the court did was confirm that the Department correctly followed its procedures and arrived at a subjective decision that is within its broad statutory authority to regulate energy rates in the Commonwealth.

What is remarkable about all of this is the same thing that has always been remarkable about it: our state government is forcing consumers (us) to pay a huge premium on the cost of our energy – already among the highest costs in the nation, by the way – to buoy a project that is politically popular on the left, but increasingly untenable without government support… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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