The DNC is with Newt

So are the unions.

Not literally, of course.  But that is both the motivation behind and the effect of the relentless liberal assault on Mitt Romney that has only increased in intensity as Newt’s primary support grows.

Here’s, an outlet that is all too happy to disseminate anything and everything Romney-critical:

Democrats and their support groups are unrelenting in their criticism of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The labor-backed Americans United for Change is today unleashing a multimedia campaigning linking Romney, a former venture capitalist, with Gordon Gekko, the fictional, greed-crazed titan from the 1987 Oliver Stone film “Wall Street.”

The effort includes a new website,, which offers an interactive quiz challenging readers to decide whether Romney or Gekko uttered a phrase; a fake Twitter account, @RomneyGekko; a plan to station “Romney-Gekko” supporters outside the candidate’s big-ticket fund-raisers; and web videos led by one pivoting off Ronald Reagan’s famed “It’s Morning in America” theme….

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee is releasing its own web video pivoting off reporting by the Globe and other news organizations about efforts to purge state computers of electronic records as Romney concluded his term as governor of Massachusetts in 2007.

This comes quickly on the heels of a DNC anti-Romney television ad campaign targeted to six primary states, which ran at the end of November.  

If there is precedent for this level of intensity – and spending – against a candidate who has not yet even secured his party’s nomination, I’m not familiar with it.

So which of these possible explanations seems more likely to you?  (A) The unions and the DNC have all the money they could possibly need for the general election; so much, in fact, that they need to spend some of it now and chose their target at random.  Or (B) The unions and the DNC have a considered preference among the GOP candidates – either as to the candidate they do not want to see emerge to take on Obama (Romney), the candidate they MOST want to see emerge (Gingrich), or both?

Yeah.  B – and both.  The Democrats’ singular attention to softening up Mitt pre-dated Newt’s surge, but it has undoubtedly intensified of late.  Why?  Two reasons.

First, the White House does not want to face Mitt Romney.  He is everything the President is not: a successful businessman who intimately understands the private sector and the economy; a relative moderate with both conservative bona fides and demonstrated appeal to independents and conservative Democrats; a cool, competent manager uniquely suited to take the reins of government at this particular moment in our history.

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