Ten Random Things

1) Couldn’t help but chuckle knowing that Obama asked the Iranians to return the drone that they captured.

2) Did Deval Patrick just appoint a Republican to the Chairmanship of the new Gaming Commission?

3) Scott Brown has a battle on his hands and Richard Tisei is going to win.

4) Still waiting for Arianna Huffington to take over my local patch.com website. So far it’s just soccer scores and PTA meetings.

5) Hard to believe but the State Police and the Lynn Police raided a convenience store this morning. Something to do with EBT cards.

6) Maybe Ross Perot will get into the Presidential race. Still haven’t seen a great candidate.

7) Is Rick Perry the most disappointing Presidential candidate in your lifetime?

8) Will Occupy Boston reimburse the City of Boston for the damage to the Greenway?

9) Saw Sal’s wife on the Emily Rooney show last week. Must admit that I felt sorry for her.

10) Found out last week the cancer is all gone! Chemo and prayers going forward and hope for a better New Year.  

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  • #9 – I saw that, too… Was surprised that I had the same reaction.

    #10 – That’s awesome!!! Wishing you a healthy 2012 and beyond!

  • Actually no.  Although you have to get to the 7th paragraph of the Globe story to find out he’s unaffiliated and has also worked for Democrats.


    Always enjoy your random thoughts!

  • Congratulations on the great news.  God willing, may 2012 be a damn sight better than this past year.

    10) Found out last week the cancer is all gone! Chemo and prayers going forward and hope for a better New Year.

  • #1) I picture the president like he’s asking for a ball he hit over the neighbor’s fence fence. Iran: this drone is mine now!

    #10) You kicked cancer’s a–.  Congrats!  

  • These are things you care about! Certainly #10, right? That’s great news, congratulations! I can imagine that what you’ve been going through must make everything else seem rather trivial, and that might be why you titled this post “10 random things” and maybe why you said “I don’t care!” a few times in some of my recent diaries. It’s understandable to me now, I’m sorry I forgot about that. Anyhow I look forward to you being cancer-free again soon and not worried anymore, so that you can give some more thought to mundane things like the future of the planet and the human race and all that!

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    The first nine things you list are just things we busy ourselves with.  The most important, by far, is that you are again healthy.  God Bless you and your family this joyous Christmas season and good health from here on…..



  • though V3PN nailed it!

  •   Congratulations—have been there twice. Its called the Gift of Cancer! nothing but nothing else matters. You’re a very lucky man. Merry Christmas. Thrilled for you.