Summary of the 10-Point Cavaretta Jobs Plan



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1. Dean’s 2012 Jobs/Economic Plan improves the conditions for free enterprise and small business job creation in the Commonwealth. Rather than attempt to recoup prior giveaways and special tax deals to favored companies or industries, Dean’s approach is to make the state more competitive for the private sector while reforming state spending.

2. Dean lowers the MA personal and/or corporate income tax rates moving steadily to 5%. He seeks to simultaneously close corporate tax loopholes, including crony subsidies, grants, some special credits or favored allowances.

3. Dean’s legislation implements pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) language that makes any individual or small business tax reductions tied to corresponding savings with the closing of loopholes and special giveaways. Essentially, his approach is to simplify the state tax code while broadening the base.

4. Freezes all new business regulations imposed on MA small businesses for a period of 36 months.

5. Enacts state pension reforms such as capping annual amounts, and offers a phased in increase of the state’s retirement age for most * workers. (up to age 62)

6. Allows for exemptions (above) for * military, police and fire as defined by separate legislation, which includes specific parameters for those public employees classified as MA military or first responder personnel.

7. Dean requires the Legislature to adopt 2 year state fiscal budgets (or Chapter 70 appropriations) to assist cities, towns and schools with local budgeting and staffing that often must wait for final State Aid figures – after the one-sided process ends usually in late July.

8. Establishes Bipartisan Commission to examine closing additional state tax loopholes; introduction of “means testing” for some social service programs not currently reviewed for eligibility; and seeks to abolish corporate welfare programs or subsidies to assist in the funding of tax rate reductions.

9. Directs the Governor and his Cabinet to institute a state hiring freeze through SFY 2016.

10. Enacts municipal and small business health care reform with an emphasis through improving the bipartisan MA Connector, without mandates.  

NOTE: Dean’s legislation was filed by citizen petition on March 28, 2011 at the State House in Boston: Senate Docket #01921 and #01922

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