State Police Defy Bill Galvin’s Order Regarding Tim Murray’s Car Because the Public is Too Ignorant

The Secretary of State’s office has ordered the Massachusetts State Police to turn over the data from Tim Murray’s black box to the Boston Herald.  According to the paper the State Police are refusing to do so.  They cite that a lay person is too ignorant to understand the data.

While it doesn’t record location or distance traveled, it does capture vehicle speed, engine RPMs, brake pedal position, airbag deployment and crash magnitude, according to Bruce McNally, a New Hampshire-based accident reconstruction expert.

In denying the Herald’s public records request, state police argued the data could be misleading. A car hitting an ice patch or rolling over would lead its tires to spin faster, inaccurately suggesting a higher speed, state police spokesman David Procopio said. The Herald argued denying the information violates the state’s public records law.

MassGOP Communications Director, Tim Buckley, summed it up best.

“He was driving the people’s car, and it is about time the people find out what really happened during Mr. Murray’s nighttime storm survey,” said Massachusetts GOP spokesman Tim Buckley.

The State Police should do what State Police in Maine and New Jersey did, release the data.

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  • “State police have 10 days to either provide the information to the Herald or explain again why the data should be kept private, according to the ruling by the state Public Records Division.”

    So when the Staties flip the bird, what’s next?

    Their answer is ludicrous already.  I’m sure the recorders don’t just record the exact moment of the crash.  How about 20 seconds before it when it shows the car going 100mph?

  • hiding something…

  • There is no “it might confuse people” exemption in the public records law.

    This new exemption would cover complex legislation, budget documents, government contracts and bidding procedures, and a whole host of pesky public records.  There’s no need to let the public see these tricky documents, if you ask all the governor’s men.

    Make no mistake- this is the Patrick-Murray administration at its cynical, hypocritical worst.  Open government for thee but not for me.        

  • Vote3rdpartynow
  • The State Police would be pushing to get at that data without even a warrant. This article… states that at least in 5 instances, Event Data Recorder data has been used in court to bolster the state’s case.

    No one but the LG knows exactly what he was doing at 5 am driving BACK toward Worcester (meaning he had to have left home at least at 4:30 to drive the 20 miles north and 10 back to believe his story) What’s clear is that the LG is willing to continue having one set of rules for elected officials and another set that applies to everyone else.  

  •    Lets start with the State Police Union(SPAM). These people were so obtuse by endorsing a former state representative, who literally pissed on a female state trooper’s leg. I think I can read the report fairly.

      Doesn’t Timmy’s former campaign aide, now state hack at $100,000 plus annually, live that way north. I’ll grant Timmy wasn’t drinking. But he was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. Heck, I’ve driven home from a girlfriend’s house at that time, but at least I was single.  

  • put GPS trackers in these cars?  Hmmmmmm….?