Ron Paul wrong in principle on marriage

Ron Paul on the Tonight Show: “You know, my position on marriage is the government ought to stay out of it completely.”

The studio audience cheers, but in principle, it’s false. He’s saying that the government should let sisters marry each other, or a daughter to marry her father, and that is not something we should do. We need the government to set the rules about that, and also to record marriages and enforce laws that are based on the legal status of marriage. We can’t let a child marry their parent to inherit the parent’s estate, but that is what Paul thinks – government ought to stay out of it completely! If he accepts that there might be some rules, then he’s admitting that his “principle” is just a general preference, not a principle at all. In principle, the government should be involved to stop unethical marriages and set and enforce marriage commitments.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    As I would have expected…  The same audience that makes ‘Sister Wives’, a show about polygamy, famous across the country…  The often undiscussed problem with libertarianism is that it leaves man to solely police himself – which is a problem.

    Ron Paul wants dope legalized, but is unwilling to sustain the law enforcement necessary to control the outcome of legalized dope.  

    Ron Paul must not be President.  He is my last choice next to Obama….