RINOs and Mathematics

I guess I hate the term RINO. No surprise! I’m a registered Republican who occasionally votes for and supports Democrats. It’s actually rare, but it’s happened. I do believe it’s a mathematical reality that without RINOs and Indepenent voters, a Republican can not get elected in Massachusetts. So to those that throw the RINO terminology around, I do wonder why you do so. Is party ideology more important than winning elections?

BTW, I don’t see the term thrown around as frequently as it was in the past. Progress?

I also think the term is thrown around more frequently by those that have never served in public office. Just my opinion.

For what it’s worth, I do wonder if the state party would have more luck establishing RTCs and RCCs if the purity standard were relaxed a bit. I do believe that winning elections statewide is largely dependent upon establiching RTCs and RCCs. Again, just my opinion.

Is it worth having this discussion?

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