Ready To Run?

I am excited to lead the Massachusetts Republican Party as Chairman at a time of great opportunity for Bay State Republicans.  Looking at the new district maps, I know working together we will send more Republicans to both Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill next year.  Our Party saw amazing gains in the House in 2010 and it is up to us to protect those seats and add to the Republican ranks. The key to success is getting the strongest Republicans to run for office – like one of our World Champion sports teams we need to play as a team to win but we also need star players on the field!

During the last cycle, strong candidates from across Massachusetts stepped off the sidelines and into the game – running for office at the local, state and federal levels.  I am writing today seeking your help to build on our success in 2012.

I need your help to recruit candidates in 2012.

I need YOU to run for office in 2012.

We need to compete in even more races than in 2010.  We have the opportunity to make historic gains.  Together, we can end one party rule on Beacon Hill. Together, we can build a stronger Massachusetts.

Join Us – Run For Office.

Save the date of Saturday January 28, 2012 for our first Candidate and Campaign Manager training session.  To win, you must start early and the MassGOP is hitting the ground running in 2012 to help you do it. Get on the winning team for 2012 and help us change the future of our great Commonwealth!

Please contact the Massachusetts Republican Party by calling 617 523 5005 or visit

-Bob Maginn

MassGOP Chairman

617 523 5005

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  •    And what time?

      Bear in mind, I don’t do Boston.  

  • edfactor

    Chairman Maginn –

    Unless you are in politics, you have no idea what a position entails. Questions like:

    – Full time or part time?

    – Salary and benefits?

    – Requirements to run? (for state and MassGOP endorsement)

    – Skills needed?

    – Lead time to seek position

    – Fundraising level needed to run a campaign

    There is no way to find out this information easily, and I think this makes it hard for people to consider running.

    If the MassGOP really wanted to help, it would have a series of web pages that were job descriptions for all state and local offices (just like on that would help people know what holding a particular office would actually be like. They could also describe the process of how to run as well.

    Even I have wondered about a local office now and then, but when I ask around to get answers to the things I listed above, no one knows. That has to get fixed and I don’t think it would be all that complicated or expensive to do if you sort of crowdsourced it by asking all RTCs to contribute to a central wiki or something.

  • Candidates ran last cycle and were ignored in part by the state party. Is the party willing to commit financial resources and human resources to ALL candidates that choose to run? Last cycle the answer to that question was a loud and clear NO.  

  • but this seems a very shotgun approach to what should be an exercise in marksmanship.

    The Congressional seats are always going to be a wildcard with people out of left field coming forward.

    There are minimal Senate seats that are winnable (2010 taught us this) and most should be ignored unless it’s a good candidate- a current Rep or someone else that has some traction already.

    There are a good number of House seats that could be won, and an e-mail blast is not the way to get the best candidates for them. We should ignore the rest. Find the candidates and support them. Get a majority in the House in the next 10 years and now we’re talking.

  • Speaking as someone who’s not ready to be running for office yet, I’d really like the MassGOP to try to get more people involved in their respective precincts.  After all, if we want to build the party up from the grass roots, thats the grassiest and rootiest it can get, right?

    And, not to be crass, but if Maginn helps build up the network of people that form the foundation of the actual processes of the party, well, that’ll surely help him as well, right?

  •    However, having worked in two congressional, a senate, and the last Attorney General campaigns, I think I have validity.

  • like time, place, how long, what the adgenda is, will the groups be split up into candidates and people who want to manage/help candidates?

    Will it have seminars on how to use social media, how to work with the press and time commitments?

    This is less than a month away.

    Details please!

    Especially for those of us with jobs, children etc.