Question for BNCordeiro

Brock, have you ever suggested to anyone in the Culture of Life movement that maybe we should try an idea you read about on line, that has a good chance of ending same-sex marriage and preserving natural conception of children and natural procreation rights?

“How?” they’d ask you.

“Well,” you’d say, “we’d probably have to compromise by accepting legal protections for same-sex couples in the form of Civil Unions…”

They’d jump in to object, “No! Civil Unions are stepping stones to marriage and we shouldn’t be approving of same-sex couples at all!”

But you’d nod in agreement and then say “But these Civil Unions wouldn’t be stepping stones to marriage, because marriage would be protected as approving of the couple conceiving children together, and we would also prohibit same-sex couples from conceiving children together, so that would mean they couldn’t be turned into marriages. These Civil Unions would be defined so as to be give the other protections and rights of marriage, but would specifically not give the right to conceive children together that would be reserved for a man and a woman!”

Maybe they’d be a little confused and unsure at first, but with your personal credibility and long-time track record of promoting the culture of life, they’d think about it and be receptive to the idea. You’d explain again that we would be ending same-sex marriage in Massachusetts and every other state that has it permanently, and all the same-sex marriages in the country would all be changed into these Civil Unions, and remind them that we would be prohibiting genetic engineering of designer babies and same-sex conception using artificial eggs and sperm, which would require unethical experimentation on human embryos and violate God’s plan for mankind, and stopping schools from teaching children that there is no difference between being straight and gay or a boy or a girl, restoring sanity to the classroom.

You’d assure them that it’s a good idea, and ask them to call the Governor, their Rep in Congress, and their Senators, and ask them to support the Egg and Sperm Civil Union Compromise.

Then maybe that’s what they’d do, and before you know it, it would be done!

What is the harm in trying that?

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