Patrick Administration Erased Romney Era Emails

According to the Boston Globe, the Deval Patrick administration inadvertently erased thousands of Romney Administration emails.

That includes at least four of Romney’s top Cabinet officials. Thirty days after they left office, their e-mails were automatically purged from the state’s central computers, wiping out records of decisions on an array of sensitive topics, from health care to raising state revenues.

Romney Cabinet secretaries said in interviews that they were never told by administration or state technology officials that they needed to take any steps to protect their e-mails.

“No one came over to me and said, ‘Do this, do this, do this, do this,’ ” said Tim Murphy, who as secretary of Health and Human Services helped formulate the state’s landmark health care law. “I just turned my computer off and went home. That’s the end of it.”

There goes that line of attack by the Democrats.  For it was they who did the erasing.

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