On payroll tax: Rs right on policy, SO wrong on politics

Like most Republicans I know who do not live and work in the DC bubble, I am beyond exasperated with how this whole payroll tax holiday mess is playing out on the national stage.  This headline from Bloomberg is fairly representative of the media’s – and therefore the public’s – take: “House GOP rejects 2-month payroll tax cut.”  Bad enough.  This one is even worse:  “Obama urges public help pushing payroll tax cuts.”  Somehow in the space of just over a week, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have managed to put themselves squarely on the side of tax cuts, battling doggedly against REPUBLICAN opposition.

Down is up.  Right is left.  Hot is cold.  And people are buying it. DC has slipped into the Bizzarro World.  

Of course the hypothetical headline: “House GOP insists on year-long payroll tax cut” would be equally accurate, and in fact “truer,” covering more context.  As would “Obama urges public help pushing political delaying tactic.”  But you aren’t going to see those headlines anywhere outside of the conservative media.

I don’t think the mainstream press is actually rubbing their hands in glee and giggling, “let’s stick it to the Republicans.”  Not most of them anyhow.  They are just constitutionally predisposed to buy into the Democrats’ preferred narrative, and to view the Republicans’ with suspicion.

This is not a moan about ‘media bias.’  That predisposition is simple political reality – has been for a long while, looks to be for a long while more.  As Bruce Hornsby might sing, “That’s Just the Way It Is” (try to get that out of your head now.  You’re welcome).  The gleeful hand rubbing and giddy giggling is emanating from the Reid/Pelosi/Obama press offices, where the staffers doubtless cannot believe they have managed to get to the House GOP’s right on tax cuts.  Tax cuts.  The mind reels.  What galls is less the rampant bias evident on this issue than the House Republicans apparent failure to predict how their intransigence would play in the press… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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