Newt, Deval and Rob Eno

Hey Rob, this post’s for you.  I know how much you like to pin the causes of the Great Recession on Deval Patrick, because he sat on the Board of Ameriquest in the last couple of years before the housing bubble burst.

Yet, you have been surprisingly quiet about Newt Grinch, er I meant Ginrich’s as a lobbyist (oh, I meant Historian…sorry for getting my words wrong) for Freddie Mac.  John Sununu calls out Newt today.

Yet for a guy that expresses your opinion about all issues and has written extensively on the evils of Fannie and Freddie, you’ve given Newt a pass in his culpable behavior of sustaining the bad behavior of Freddie, which was a major cause of the financial crisis we are still struggling to get out of.

Of course, I’m not surprised.  I’ve maintained all along that you are nothing but a political hatchet man who does not care about good public policy.  You use facts at your own convenience, shading them out of context, twisting them into half-truths, just so you can score political points.

Here is your chance to prove me wrong.  Go ahead, make my day.  Tell the world that Newt Grinch (there I go again) was as responsible for the causes of the Great Recession as Deval Patrick (I would argue…far more).  

And tell us how you still support him for President, despite his obvious hypocrisy on a wide range of issues.  

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