National Debt versus Christmas spending….

Just something to think about as you finish your Christmas shopping.  Let me know if my calculations/logic are wrong….

The national debt rose by $74.965 billion between Thanksgiving Day and December 21st, which is the last day for which this website offers an accurate measurement.  That totals $241.82 per person for every man, woman and child in the United States.

According to the American Research Group the average American plans to spend $646 per person.  

So for a family of five (2 working parents and 3 young children) the government OVERspent $1209.10 on your behalf, and your family spent $1292.  Which means the federal government OVERspent almost as much for Christmas as you spent on your family.  

So it leads me to some questions:

-Which liberal will be the first to step forward and tell us we need to give up Christmas in order to stop the national debt from climbing?

-When will Jolly old Saint Nick be replaced by a Jolly old IRS agent on our Christmas cards?

-Will the Christmas quote be changed from “HO HO HO” to “HO HO Holy sh*t”.  

-Do our kids now start sending the holiday wish list to Barack Obama instead of Santa Claus?  

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