More Transgender Madness

The Globe ran another of their propaganda puff pieces on Transgenderism on the front page of the Sunday paper yesterday, using 14 year olds as human shields in their campaign to normalize postgenderism and Transhumanism.

They didn’t include any indication that doctors are sounding the alarm on this practice, pointing out that it is like treating anorexics by giving them liposuction.

They make the most outrageous stereotypes about boys and girls, that would have angered feminists to no end if they weren’t in service of this postgenderism agenda. The boy liked dresses and dolls, so that must mean he is a girl and should have his body changed to conform to his behavior and preferences?? Hello?? Whatever happened to diversity?

They also falsely stated that the “final” step is to have surgery to cut off the boys penis and testicles and use plastic surgery to make a hole that looks like a vagina. That is currently the final step, but they also want to make it possible for this boy (and yes, he is a boy) to reproduce as a woman. It will probably be impossible for a long time to create a uterus and ovaries in the boy’s abdomen, but they hope that it will soon be possible to create egg cells from the boy’s stem cells that could be fertilized by a man and carried in a paid gestational carrier (an actual woman).

And don’t think for a minute that they expect people to pay for these surgeries and treatments out of their own pocket. They will force insurance companies to cover it, and eventually mandate that everyone cover it in their mandated minimum coverage.

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