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  • Karl Marx

    strategy is to focus on the issues. The ad isn’t bad. However some of those issues are not directly relevant to running state government. He will save Medicare. Isn’t that the job of Congress?

    Moreover, it will be useful to know what cities and towns make up his district.

    The passages about Secure Communities are good ones, illustrating for one the economic implications of tacitly and willingly letting illegal immigrants break the rules and how they depress wages for folks on the lower end of the income spectrum.

    Bashing Evergreen is a good move. However, it probably needs to be complemented by a stated alternative given that folks in that district tend to believe “government should do something” about climate change. Anything it does should be quantified. In other words the current policies and the aspirations of the environmental lobby won’t come cheap.

    So far Dean’s run a good campaign in so far as one can comment on his nascent effort.  

  • edfactor

    I think the ads need to get more compact. It took too long to get all this across. It would also be nice to have Dean saying something. As for the transitions, it seemed repetitive to have the same iMovie effects over and over.

    As for saving Medicare, that isn’t his job. Perhaps he means our health care system here?

    Also some details would be nice. What are his plans for education? Why show the doomed Fidelity campus? How would he help that situation?

    I am glad to see him get some ads out there. I think his new rule should be 90 seconds or less.