More Democrat LOST AND FOUND items

A few days ago I posted for help in finding several hundred million dollars of cash lost by Democrat, and former Governor, Jon Corzine.

It seems that Democrats have a knack for losing things and so I am making a more formal list to help our government with this problem of slippery Democrat fingers.

Also lost recently:

1. A US spy drone over the skies of Iran.  It appears that Iran was able to take control of the drone while in operation thus leaving the US, under Obama’s failed leadership, very vulnerable.  “Please return the drone if you don’t mind” was the President’s response.  I hope he didn’t do that nasty finger wave thingy as well…

2. 4 million jobs.  If you have seen any of these 4 million jobs please call and make a formal report to the Department of Labor.  Obama thought he found them when telling us of the millions of shovel ready jobs, but was later unable to find them.  

3. A US Budget.  It has now been about 960 days since anyone has seen the last budget passed by Senate Democrats.  It is described as a big pile of white papers listing thousands of pork barrel spending projects.  

4. Elizabeth Warren.  If anyone sees Elizabeth Warren please let the Massachusetts state Democrat party know.  She is described as 5 ft 8 inches tall with a scowl and a loud whiny voice.  She looks like a combination of Kate Gosselin’s grandmother with Roseanne Barr’s voice and attitude.  Although she has not been seen much lately her opponents are dropping out of the race faster than Erik Holder can sell guns to a Mexican Drug gang…

5. A Christmas Tree.  It appears that Deval Patrick lost the state Christmas Tree recently and was forced to pull out the Holiday tree instead.  They look the same except that one represents a PC view of the watered down religious revisionist nonsense of the left, and the other a symbol of Christmas.  

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