Michael Graham Uncovers Deval Patrick’s “Seasonal Schizophrenia”

Michael Graham has uncovered that Deval Patrick deems it politically correct to light a Chanukah Menorah, but politically incorrect to light a Christmas tree.

It’s a good read.

OK….am I missing something here?  How does it make sense to Gov. Patrick to have a “Chanukah Menorah” and a “Holiday Tree”…in the SAME ROOM?

If it’s OK to have a “Chanukah Menorah,” then surely it’s OK to have a “Christmas Tree,” right?  Conversely, if Gov. Patrick’s p.c. paranoia prohibits admitting what the tree really is, shouldn’t the glowing Jewish symbol next to the “Holiday Tree” be a “Winter Candle,” or a  “Solstice Candelabra?”

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