MASSterList: Mitt’s chocolate confession – Maginn wins – MBTA ready for winter – Rebuilding after t

GATEWAY DRUG: Chocolate milk. Oh, oh, I'm sorry – HOT chocolate milk. With restrictive habits like that, it's hard to see how such a self destructive individual could ever be president. Hopefully, Mitt can get the help he needs to turn his life around and break away from lactose addiction. (PI)

TORNADOES: Six months after tornadoes whipped through Western Mass., devistated town are still rebuilding. (Republican)

WINTER COMMUTES: While not quite as bad as tornadoes, winter storms can still mean frustration for commuters and the MBTA. The Worcester T&G says transit officials expect to have it under control this year.

HE SHOULD START A BLOG TOO: So is this Scott Brown Op-Ed on Legislative inside trading in the Herald a one-time deal or did they give him his own column too?

GOP: Maginn wins. (Republican)

Patrick admin: No new taxes 2013, cuts Occupy Boston seeks injunction to bar removal Bikers want to ditch helmet law


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