MASSterList: Gingrich praised RomneyCare in ’06 -Coakley monitors casinos – Mitt focusing on Obama

NEW BIFFLES: “Hawkeyed” Attorney General Martha Coakley's gaming industry oversight is the top story in today's Herald. Wait, what? Does the Herald know this is the same Martha Coakley that ran for Senate? I guess they've decided they like her now, seeing as they went so far as to give her the tough superhero pose. Or it's all viral marketing for the Avengers movie.

MITT  MONITOR: Things are picking up speed up north in New Hampshire and out west in Iowa as the two states prepare to vote for a Republican Presidential nominee. Mitt Romney doesn't seem worried about his competition and isfocusing on the President (AP). And what's 90s pop culture icon Newt Gingrich's problem of the moment? Oh, just the republication of a newsletter he authored praising Romney's 2006 health reform bill. (Globe) Nothing but trouble, these newsletters.

IS THE MAYOR FREE?: Lawrence is still without a school receiver (Eagle Trib.)

Foxboro casino proposal is dealt a setback (Photo: Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff)
Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney set sights on different targets in caucus run-up – Boston Globe Foxboro holds meeting to debate building of casino – WHDH Prince parents got $225K in settlement – WWLP

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