MASSterList: Brown claims he’s not getting any love in Senate – Romney eyes victory in Iowa – FxBor

HIS-TOR-Y: If it was still before Christmas and not half a week after, I would call Scott Brown the Rudolph of the U.S. Senate, where the other Senators apparently don't let him join in any of their reindeer games. But it is after Christmas, so I guess Scott Brown's not Rudolph, and just a guy who likes to give interviews at Mul's. (AP) Brown also went on Keller to “drop the gloves” against presumed opponent Elizabeth Warren. (WBZ)

GREETINGS, EARTHLINGS: Refusing to limit his awkwardness to just New Hampshire (Monitor), Mitt Romney sees anaudience in Iowa. (AP)

Foxborough casino’s opponents use social media to build their cases – The Boston Globe (Photo: Gretchen Ertl)
Scott Brown Is Ready To Drop The Gloves Against Elizabeth Warren – CBS Boston Kraft Group “disappointed” with Foxborough board's decision to not negotiate casino proposal – My Fox Boston Mass. Representatives call out National Grid –

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