Maginn contributed to Patrick, N.Y. senator

GOP chair concedes he gave money to Democrats

The state Republican Party’s new chairman, Robert A. Maginn Jr., gave Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat, $500, the maximum allowable under state law, during Patrick’s reelection campaign last year.

It was not the first contribution to a Democrat made by Maginn, the chief executive of the software company Jenzabar Inc. In 2009, he gave $2,400 to US Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, a frequent target of conservatives.…

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  • he gave money to Patrick because he’s so philosophically in tune with him on all of the major issues and not because he owns a software business that’s focused on public education.

    Everyone ought to know that in order to be a True Believer, you have to divorce yourself from all practical, real-world considerations and associate only with fellow (real) Republicans, even here in Massachusetts.

  • He should resign!  The money to Patrick helped defeat Charlie Baker.  It is inexcusable – it shows his real beliefs.  This is why the Mass. Republican Party is such amess.  Resign today and let Peter Blute be Chair.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Company executives throw money around to politicians like candy thinking it will buy favor.  Never do they consider that the money will be used against them and their political goals.  If Maginn gave Deval Patrick money then his abaility to run the GOP should be questioned.  This is the equivalent of selling arms to a middle east country and not considering that they could be used against our own soldiers….  It is very shortsided and selfish.  

    Certainly any money given to Deval was used to keep Charlie Baaker out of the corner office.  It is ignorant to think otherwise.  

    On a side note – doing business in Massachusetts does not REQUIRE donating money to local pols.  Not yet at least….

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  • This is a MAJOR DEAL.  Magnin’s ridiculous story about why he donated is worthless. He donated because he wanted influence and HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT IDEOLOGY.  How can someone be Chair of the Republican Party not care about ideology.  Clearly Magnin is using this position to advance his business interests-he doesn’t care about Republican’s.

    Why is this not on the main page?  This is about the future of the RP.  Instead you put the silly SHNS link page and other worthless stuff.

  • Is this another purity test that we need to pass to be considered a Republican and not a RINO?

    Would be very helpful to know as I have given money to friends and relatives who have run for office at various levels and some happen to be Democrats.  I have also contributed to Democrats as part of fundraisers at a prior employer who put together a luncheon to help press their case with a Congressman.

    So now that I have contributed to Democrats should I never, ever consider running as a Republican?  Should I never bother to volunteer for a Republican?  Should I just resign myself to being a RINO from here on out?

    Should I stop encouraging friends who were once Democrats and are now unenrolled to join the Republican party?

    This is a distraction that needs to stop and the reason that the party keeps shrinking.

    How about a New Year’s Resolution to put this silly stuff behind us and focus on WINNING!!!!

  • CVarley

    This really is an unsavory turn of events. For those us that have toiled in the trenches alongside other dedicated grassroots GOP activists, this is difficult to swallow. If the purpose of the MassGOP is to support and elect Republicans to office, this strikes me as somewhat inexcusable. As someone who has hosted fundraisers and donated to candidates, including Charlie Baker,  I am very disappointed in this. I too have donated to a D or two over the years but never when there was an R opponent. Let’s hope voters take this information into account when deciding who to support in State Committee races this winter! I am no longer a resident of MA nor a member of the MassGOP so…

    Good thing there is a great network of Tea Party orgs in MA that truly represent conservative, constitutional principles;)

    And I agree with those that feel Bob Maginn should resign. A conflict of interest of this magnitude is unacceptable. The D’s are eating it up – and that hurts all R’s.

  • Just saying.

  • How long has Mr. Maginn been an R?  Is this a recent change?

  •    But he’s right.

  • I still think it’s absurd to judge Maginn’s contribution as somehow traitorous – the man has a right to run his business affairs his own way – but I want to know who was responsible for misspelling his name, address and company name ALL.

    I don’t mind him covering his ass with the charity by making the contribution, but if he doesn’t have the stones to stand behind it, then he’s chickenshit.