Lightbulbs, git yer incandescant lightbulbs here!

Thomas Edison invented it, and now the government is banning it, but for a limited time you can still order incandescant lightbulbs.  Buy some from Amazon today, and get the added benefit of helping me out.

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  • mother-in-law wanted was 100W bulbs….she needs the extra wattage to read.

    So we got her 100 of ’em.

  • CVarley

    Bought a few more for my Grandma yesterday. And they were on sale!!!

  • edfactor

    The new kinds of LEDs are fantastic! They can even dim! I have several kinds at home for indoor and outdoor lighting. (Home Depot has a great selection.) They are already saving me money.

    But yes, it was individual ingenuity and corporate sponsorship that gave us long-lasting efficient lighting, not the dim bulbs in Congress.

  • Remember, the law to ban incadescant light bulbs was passed in 2007 and signed into law by then President George Bush.

    The law was passed after significant lobbying from General Electric.   Bush’s law will cost American jobs.   General Electric manufactures its CFL bulbs in China, but makes incandescent bulbs in the United States.  

    It’s a stupid law, and it shows how corporations like General Electric now control our government and our politics.   GE is the “king of crony capitalism”, pays no federal income taxes, and, through their donations, owns many Congressman and Senators.  

  • Yet another silly talking point from the right to distract from real issues affecting us.  

    We all whine about breaking our country’s reliance on foreign oil, yet you only solution is to think we replace all that oil by drilling here (we don’t have that much oil in the ground) or process shale into oil, which is a dirty process that will increase health problems and have huge societal costs.  

    One simple and much, much less expensive way is to stop using 100 year old technology to run a light bulb.  What is so hard about that?  But political narcissist are throwing tantrums over light bulbs (I can hear your outrage boiling…”first they came for the lightbulbs”…you want to say).

    By the way…the government did not “ban” the bulb, they merely mandated that all light bulbs sold be 30% more efficient.  Any entrepreneur can set out and make an incandescent bulb that is more efficient and sell it. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    As for mercury…buy LED lights…

  • On principle, I absolutely object to the Federal mandate requiring the new CFL bulbs.  I don’t care which Congress passes it or who signed it, it was simply a bad bill.

    That said, I long ago made the decision to transition from the old style bulbs to the fancy CFLs.

    Yes, they were a bit more expensive but their lifespan is tremendous.  

    Furthermore, the cost was mitigated by the sales at the local stores (in my case, Walmart) who have run tremendous sales on the CFL bulbs so as to make retrofitting my house fairly cost effective.

    Again, I made a decision to change.  The government needs to get out of my lighting choices!  

  • They’re called Full Spectrum light – Chromalux.  They are strong without being harsh, like LED lights are.  They reduce eyestrain, treat seasonal affective disorder, and are expecially useful for those with eye diseases, as harsh light can be physically painful for them.  They have a regular incandescent base, and last about 7 years.

    But wait!  I can buy THEM through Amazon too!

    Rob – create a link!