John Walsh trades political support for jobs.

In a blatant play to squeeze support for him to retain power, John Walsh, Chairman of the corrupt Massachusetts Democratic Party is buying off the support of powerful party leaders with “jobs” at his private insurance company.  

Leave it to the Democrats for figuring out how to make a “legal” bribe.  Of course it’s no surprise, the Democrats have a monopoly on questionable practices that show utter contempt for the common folks of the Commonwealth.

Thank God we have the Republican Party in Massachusetts as the shining example on the Hill, of virtuous behavior.  Thankfully, we never have to question their pure motives, which allows those of us who frequent BMG to not question their behaviors.  

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  • Wow Simple, as one of your many fans, I have to stop and say “Great job” on the above post.

    Umm…you still hitting the eggnog? You do know they put rum in it and you don’t always tell till it creeps up on you. I had an Uncle who drank a gallon of eggnog a few years back, starting dancing in his underwear at a family party as he sang Barry Manilow songs. the vision is forever engraved in my head)

    But with you I can see that drinking brings out a nicer softer side. I have to say I like it!  

  • Are these what people usually refer to as “no show” jobs?  In private sector no less!

    Neither Blute nor Torkildsen have a software background. Blute worked most recently as a talk-radio host, while Torkildsen worked in business development for an ophthalmology research company.

  • YOU said it, dishonorable liar…..

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Maginn gave 2 jobs to 2 Republican leaders and operatives.  Maginn’s company (actually his wife’s) and Maginn’s money to do with as he pleases.  If Maginn wants to take his own money and throw it into a river that is fine with me.  

    The difference here is that Democrats tend to offer jobs, not in their own private company, but in public offices of the state or local government, at the taxpayer’s expense!

    Admittedly, I do not understand the calculus used by Maginn in hiring these two guys.  If I were a potential customer of Jenzabar, Inc, and was considering buying their software it would not make a nickels worth of difference if Blute of McNamara was the guy selling it or working back at the office.  

    So what was the point of hiring Blute and McNamara? It doesn’t matter to me as they now work for Maginn in a private company.  I don’t buy anything from Jenzabar and never will……

    So simple, what exactly was your point here?