Is Romney a lunatic?

Interesting story by David Bernstein at the Phoenix, Romney: Hot For Cold Fusion?, regarding an interview in which Romney said this:

“I do believe in basic science. I believe in participating in space. I believe in analysis of new sources of energy. I believe in laboratories, looking at ways to conduct electricity with — with cold fusion, if we can come up with it. It was the University of Utah that solved that. We somehow can’t figure out how to duplicate it.”

Wow, he is a Cold Fusion believer! He is perplexed that we “somehow” can’t figure it out; he is convinced that the Utah experiment was valid and now we just need to invest in it more.

Bernstein says, “It is unusual, to say the least, that a campaigning Presidential candidate would know anything about cold fusion, let alone recalling off the top of his head the university that conducted an experiment more than two decades ago. It is even odder that a campaigning Presidential candidate would voluntarily cite, in an on-the-record interview, the promise of a science considered by most physicists to be a total hoax.” It sure is odd.  But, if there is anything Mitt Romney is consistent about, it is being odd regarding science fiction. Believing in Cold Fusion is exactly what we’d expect from someone whose favorite book is “Battleship Earth” by L. Ron Hubbard, and who has never once refuted my very public charge that he is a Mormon Transhumanist who believes that he has an obligation to fulfill a prophecy involving “transfiguration” and creating a new super-human race on Earth.

What is the Mormon Transhumanist Association?

The Mormon Transhumanist Association is an international nonprofit organization that promotes practical faith in human exaltation through charitable use of science and technology, as outlined in the Transhumanist Declaration and the Mormon Transhumanist Affirmation. We support discussion and public awareness of emerging technologies, defend the right of individuals in free and democratic societies to adopt technologies that expand human capacities, and anticipate and propose solutions for the potential consequences of emerging technologies. Although we are neither a religious organization nor affiliated with any religious organization, we support our members in their personal religious affiliations, and encourage them to adapt Transhumanism to their unique situations.

What is the relation between Mormonism and Transhumanism?

Increasingly, persons are recognizing parallels and complements between Mormon and Transhumanist views. On the one hand, Mormonism is a religious ideology of the Judeo-Christian tradition that advocates faith in God leading to salvation. On the other hand, Transhumanism is a mostly secular ideology that advocates ethical use of technology to extend human capabilities. However, Mormonism and Transhumanism advocate remarkably similar views of human nature and its future: material beings organized according to law, rapidly advancing knowledge and power, imminent fundamental changes to anatomy and environment, and eventual transcendence of present limitations. Resources available through this site provide details on the relation between Mormon and Transhumanist views.

We favour allowing individuals wide personal choice over how they enable their lives. This includes use of techniques that may be developed to assist memory, concentration, and mental energy; life extension therapies; reproductive choice technologies; cryonics procedures; and many other possible human modification and enhancement technologies.

We aren’t going to solve our energy needs by inventing some miracle new source of energy, and we aren’t going to create a new race of super beings. Even if we had unlimited time and resources, and we most certainly do not. We need a realist in the White House, not a science fiction lunatic.

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