InsiderAdvantage Poll: Romney in Free Fall

By David A. Patten

GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney’s decision to campaign negatively in Iowa appears to have backfired, with a new Newsmax-InsiderAdvantage poll showing the former Massachusetts governor plummeting to fourth place in the Hawkeye State – a swift decline that pollster Matt Towery describes as “imploding.”

Romney’s lead in New Hampshire is evaporating as well, Towery adds.…

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    Do you think politician use InsiderAdvantage for their paid for internals?

    Whatever blows your skirt up…

  • …and taken the high road, and focused on conservative issues.  I guess it’s unreasonable to expect him to emulate Reagan though, since he didn’t support the guy in 1976, 1980 or 1984.  He may have supported him in 1968, while he was enjoying France & his draft deferment…

  • MerrimackMan

    in Iowa, Gingrich’s numbers appear to be taking the biggest fall off at the moment. Perry and Paul are on the rise, and Romney and Bachmann are holding about where they have been.

    This poll is an outlier, and was paid for by Newsmax, who was planning on the Trump Debate to get their readership up again. That didn’t quite work out after Romney quit the debate, any chance they have his numbers down for a reason?


  • geo999

    This is now.