In 2012, The Building of a Physical Infrastructure Is Key to Long-term Conservative /GOP Success

2012 offers the conservative movement, and by extension the Massachusetts Republican Party, an opportunity to develop an infrastructure which will be the key to our success next year and into the future.  The internet is a fantastic place, as our daily conservative campfire here attests to. For all its greatness, technology is only a tool.  It does not replace face to face voter contact.  This is a lesson that John Walsh, the chairman of the Democratic party understands this, and must we.

The Scott Brown campaign, and by extension Victory, will be developing a GOTV apparatus that will be the key to Scott’s success in 2012.  Unlike the 2010 campaign, where there was little coordination between the top of the ticket and those below, Brown as someone who has risen through the ranks seemingly understands that a coordinated campaign is his best shot at victory.  I have been to many events over the past month. At most of these events, Victory field directors have been present offering help to down-ballot candidates.

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