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[hidden comment] *[new] Being approved and allowed to have sex is a right of marriage

There has never been a marriage that was not approved and allowed to have procreative sex and procreate offspring together. Couples that are not allowed to have sex or   procreate offspring together (ie, a sibling, mother-in-law, etc) are never allowed to marry, because procreating together is a right of marriage.

It doesn’t matter if unmarried couples have sex and procreate these days, what matters is that marriage should mean the couple is approved and allowed to have sex and procreate offspring.

Same-sex couples should not be allowed to procreate offspring together, and the state has no business in approving of them doing whatever it is they do together.

Do you think same-sex couples should be allowed to procreate offspring together? Do you think the state should approve of them being intimate together?

Why do you think it would hurt Brown’s chances to propose Civil Unions for same-sex couples and say that only a man and a woman should have a right to procreate offspring? Do you think most people think we should let gay couples try to create offspring together? This would give same-sex couples the protections that most people believe they should have, and not give them a right that most people think they should not have. Do you understand how much same-sex procreation would cost, how much it would grow government and intrude into our basic human rights?

We should all be created equal, as the union of a man and a woman.

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