Herman Cain vs Julian Edelman

The sickening reports by an accuser of the ‘indecent assault and battery’ staged by Julian Edelman.

According to the accuser, in a complaint she filed with police, Edelman approached her on the dance floor, reached under her Halloween costume, and grabbed her crotch. He was arrested at 1:30 a.m. outside the nightclub and appeared in Boston Municipal Court later that morning, where he entered a not guilty plea.

And what do we find out today about this accusation?  It was FALSE!!!  And we know this as a result of a video release showing the actual incident as it occurred.  From the video it appears that Edelman did NOTHING of what the woman accused him.  

According to a release by Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, evidence gathered by analyzing the surveillance tape and conducting interviews with the accuser and witnesses indicates the physical contact between Edelman and the woman was fleeting, and did not meet the elements of any crime.

When the initial accusations were made a while back – How many people said to themselves, or to others, ‘of course Edelman sexually assaulted her.  He is another one of those pro athletes that is out of control and feels entitled to grabbing some poor girl’, or something to that affect?  Admit it – you assumed he was guilty.  As did I….

But he was not guilty and the evidence brought forth shows it.  Yet, his career and reputation are forever tarnished because of this woman and her phony claims.

So how sure are you about Herman Cain?  The accusation sounds eerily familiar – a man reaches under the dress of a woman and grabs her crotch.  I guess this activity is running rampant these days!  Except we know in the case of Edelman that the claim was bogus and likely part of an atttempt to extract money from a highly paid athlete.

So how sure are you about Herman Cain?  He was a highly paid professional.  The women that made claims against Herman Cain ALL had financial troubles and prior work related harassment claims.  Some had made claims against other bosses after Herman Cain.  

So how sure are you about Herman Cain?  Well it doesn’t much matter now.  Though Cain insisted he was not guilty of the accusations the media ran with the stories regardless of a lack of evidence of any kind.  His presidential run was terminated, his marriage of many years now under extreme duress, His friends and neighbors doubtful of his integrity – ALL because of the accusations!

There needs to be a change in the law for people who make phony accusations.  Herman Cain’s accusers have all gone their separate ways now that he is out of the race – their job is done.  But Herman Cain and Julian Edelman are left with the horror of false accusations leveled against them.  The women should all be rounded up and sent to jail.  At the very least the claims in the future should not be tried in the news.

We all remember too well the story of the Duke Lacrosse team and the accusations made by a woman claiming to be raped by 3 members of that team.  The three men have had their lives changed forever – for the worse.  The accuser’s life changed as well – she has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend.

So how sure are you about Herman Cain?  Are you as sure about Herman Cain as you were about Julian Edelman?  Are you as sure about Herman Cain as you were about the Duke Lacrosse players?  I think Herman Cain should get back in the race……

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