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    According to the Boston Herald he will make $150,000 per year.  Certainly good money!!  But, at UMASS Boston, where he is currently working, in 2009 was making $170,000 per year according to The Boston Herald article and link.  Why voluntarily take a pay cut from 3 years ago?  Doesn’t make sense to me….

    Also, does the fact that he lead a commission studying compensation at quasi public authorities for Deval patrick have anything to do with his appointment?

    His findings regarding the pay inequities:

    Stephen Crosby, the dean of the Mc­Cor­mack School at the University of Massa­chu­setts Boston and the person Patrick chose last year to lead a commission analyzing compensation at quasi-public authorities, is a big believer in paying people what they’re worth. He says the juxtaposition of the pay of Davey and Windham-Bannister shows how outrageously low Davey’s salary is. But he says it’s incredibly difficult to pay competitive salaries in the public sector. “It’s a soft spot in democracy,” he says. “Setting high levels of compensation in the public sector is something where democracy has a problem.”

    And all this time I was led to believe that government workers made more than their private sector counterparts.  I guess Crosby’s study shows that is all foolishness…

    So he does a study on the pay of quasi public authorities for the Governor and then gets appointed to an authority himself at a six figure salary.  I guess he knew what to write in order to make Deval Patrick happy.  

    Hey Deval, I can do a sttudy that shows how teachers are underpaid.  Will you hire me at six figures?