Doris Kearns Goodwin: America Needs More Scott Browns

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin today, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, said that if there were more Scott Browns in Washington, our government would work better.

The larger discussion was about this Politico story, entitled, “Is Scott Brown the New Elizabeth Warren”.  The article goes to state that Brown has been a strong voice for compromise over the last month in the Senate.  

With voices like Kearns Goodwin arguing that Scott Brown is a moderate voice, it is going to be tough for the likes of the Massachusetts Democrats to honestly argue otherwise.

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  • eury13

    Brown voted to filibuster the payroll tax cut:

    Brown voted to filibuster his own job creation bill:

    Brown voted to filibuster Obama’s jobs bill:

    Brown voted to filibuster this finance reform bill:

    And that’s what I found with a single Google search and 3 minutes. Yeah, Brown has had some moments of “independence” but there have been enough party-line votes that it’ll be quite easy to argue that Brown is not a moderate voice, nor the best voice to represent the people of Massachusetts.

  • that both peope who kow who Kearns Goodwin is will be heavily swayed by this clip

  • geo999

    Goodwin is extremely well known and highly regarded here in New England.

    I’ve always felt she leaned left. This is a very positive opinion.

    Brown’s people should push this clip for all it’s worth..

  • And apparently she won a Pulitzer about 17 years ago, and is a political commentator.

    What % of voters do you think can name one Pulitzer prize winner? I’d say……2%.

    I maintain an overwhelming majority of the people viting this November have no idea who she is.