Dear MA Gop

Dear MA Gop,

It has been a few weeks since our new chairman has been elected.  The only changes I see so far have been to put Mr. Maginn’s name on the web site.  I was hoping to see a press release outlining the 1st 100 days in office adgenda.  But I have seen nothing.  Our party needs leadership, someone to unite all areas of the state.

to twist Charlie Brownism can anyone tell me the real meaning of being a republican?

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  • edfactor

    Chairman Maginn has made the rounds of a lot of holiday parties and fundraisers. I even got to meet him recently at something.

    But I agree, it would be nice to have some sort of ability to see progress on his 10-point plan.

  • Since Bob Maginn was elected chairman on November 30, we’ve been in a period of reorganization.  

    That very night Chairman Maginn put out a call for the 73 State Committee members in attendance, and I believe it’s 78 out of 80, total to submit their preferred standing committee assignments.  I submitted my list and various commentaries within about 48 hours or so.  Based upon some rumors I’m hearing, I’m believe that out of 78 State Committee members, only approximately a dozen or so actually submitted their requests.  If anyone wonders why I — and a relatively small core of others — tend to serve on so many standing committees it’s simple, I’m one of the relatively few who volunteer to serve while far too many prefer to sit it out on the sidelines.  However, I digress.

    On Monday, December 5, the MassGOP hosted an event with former NH Governor John Sununu in Boston.

    On Thursday, December 8, the Executive Committee voted to give Chairman Maginn the same power as any of us do to personally support the candidate(s) of his choice (lifting the prohibition found in Article IV, Section 7).

    On Friday, December 9, you may have heard that Senator Brown had his Christmas Party with over 1,500 attendees.

    On Thursday, December 15, the Executive Committee voted to appoint former Congressman Peter Blute as a Deputy Chairman.  Both Blute and former Congressman/former Peter Torkildsen will likely be used as party ambassadors empowered by Chairman Maginn.  These are unpaid volunteer positions all as permitted under Article VI, Section 1 of the bylaws.

    On this past Friday evening, December 16, Chairman Maginn had a Unity event scheduled with Senator Scott Brown at Maginn’s Jenzabar office in Boston.  Unfortunately, due to emergency votes in the Senate the event was rescheduled to a future date as Brown had to fly back to the Capitol to do the People’s business.  If you’re interested in the rescheduled date & time then I’ll let others fill you in as I don’t solicit for fundraisers.  πŸ™‚

    I don’t have all the details as of yet but on Saturday, January 28 there will be a MassGOP Training School from approximately 10:00 am to 4:00 pm up in Framingham.

    I also know that Regional Field Representatives from the Massachusetts Victory Fund 2012 have been visiting various GOP town/ward & city committee meetings to build the connections to more greatly support Senator Brown & state legislative and other seats.

    Far more has been doing & is going on than a new chairman’s name on a website.  

  • Attendance is taken at every State Committee meeting.  In my case, I believe that November 16, 2011 was my first & only absence since I became a State Committee member back in March 2007.  Mea culpa, but I didn’t have my MRSC Calendar of Events with me when I booked that last cruise to the Mexican Riviera back in May 2011 when I was aboard another cruise ship in Alaska.  πŸ™‚ However, as a personal example, I was going to register for a continuing adult education course this past semester in sign language but postponed that until hopefully next semester as doing so would’ve forced me to miss a recent State Committee meeting.

    It might require the Secretary (or more likely our short handed staff/interns) to do a bit of number crunching at this “late” date, especially considering membership changes, but it isn’t impossible to do before the Presidential Primary.  It’s certainly also not a bad idea going forward.

    Membership for Standing Committees shouldn’t be as difficult to compile.  The standing committees are listed in our bylaws and the chairmen of each serve upon the Executive Committee, along with Regional Chairmen, etc.  I believe every standing committee has effectively been dissolved ahead of Chairman Maginn’s upcoming reappointments.

    I’d give the HQ a call and speak with Executive Director Nate Little and ask him about possibly compiling these lists ahead of the primary.

    Don’t even get me started on Regional Committee meetings and attendance at training classes, etc.  Attendance at those hasn’t been what I’d prefer but again, before I start throwing stones in glass houses…I may have work commitments but I don’t have the family situation to deal with.  I know in some instances that’s precisely why some great, hard working SC members have resigned in recent months.

    At the end of the day, it’s an all-volunteer effort and I’m sure everyone has wonderful intentions.  Sometimes life just catches up with you in unexpected ways.  Some have ridiculously huge districts, some have family events, others perhaps have gotten ill, and others well… I dunno.  Even myself, I’m limited nowadays in that I cannot remotely fundraise.  Some may hold that against me.

    All I can control is myself & I know that while I’m by no means perfect, I’m always trying to learn, improve, and do my utmost.  I’d like to think I’m successful for my district, region, and Commonwealth more often than not.  My personal motto has been basically: love me or hate me, I refuse to simply mark time during my tenure.  

  • Here is a quick list of my own committee involvement, both standing & ad hoc, based upon my memory and some notes I scribbed together:

    2008 Delegate Allocation Committee

    Issues Committee (Energy working group, Taxes & Spending working group, Jobs & the Economy working group)

    Public Relations Committee (Member March 2008-current, chairman – March 2008 to November 2009)

    2010 Ballot Initiatives Committee

    2010 MassGOP Platform Committee (Values, Philosophy of Liberty & Energy & Environment – chairman – Subcommittees)

    Executive Committee (March 2009-present)

    Candidates Committee (February 2010-present)

    Bylaws Committee (March 2011-present)

    Rules Committee for 2012 RNC (September 2011-present)  

  • Brock,

    That is a great idea, how does one inquire about helping out?  I have an extra 10 minutes a month (lol) and would be willing to be a part of the solution instead of being a naysayer!

  • We kinda sorta need to run the MA GOP as a corporation.  So if we give bad service we don’t get help and we don’t get capital and we don’t survive.

    If we start to act like we matter and can make a difference and we take pride in our work then we go places and make a difference.