Dean Cavaretta for Senate

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Dean hits it out of the park with his latest video.

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  • Karl Marx

    prospects given the demographics of the district under the new map. Has a Republican ever held this seat? Was this once Paul Cellucci’s senate seat?

    Also need to know Brown/Coakley Baker/Patrick stats.

  • what’s he think of transhumanism and same-sex reproduction? Forcing people to procreate with artificial gametes?

    Booga booga…

  • edfactor

    It is too long, but I was very happy to see the contrasts drawn in the first few minutes of the ad.

    I met Dean at the Brown Christmas party. (But I think I have met him before.) Seems like a good guy.

  • Too long, in fact what he really has here is the making of 10 videos, not more than a minute each, max.  Also add a voice over and quicker editing.  Release them as a series.


  • Decent Ad, and I agree that it needs to be broken up in to 10 different spots. Perhaps one if you wanted to do the ol’  checklist comparison between what you’d support vs. what the Senator supports.

    One other thing, if are going to level a charge that the Senator supports job killing regulations, I think it would be prudent to show which actual piece of legislation that he voted for or offered. (then you get to use the infamous red “SUPPORTS” stamp graphic).

    The way that this ad was edited doesn’t really show a narrative. When I think of Senator Eldridge, I think pawn of the union. I am probably not the only one who thinks that. If you were to create an ad that really shows the narrative that Senator Eldridge is more interested in creating no show/hack jobs for his union buddies then his constituents – that Senator Eldridge is only a foot soldier for the Democrat leadership (I’d be willing to guess he votes 99.9% with leadership) – and that the alternative is independent pricipled leadership and blah blah blah, I think you’d have a winning ad.

    Good luck

  • I hope Dean is a better public speaker than he is videographer. But I wouldn’t know because there isn’t a single spoken word in the commercial, just text.

    Also, what’s with the cheap music? They should have just sprung the cash for the rights to use “The Final Countdown.”