I found this on the MA GOP site.  Some of the behind the scenes things happened last week, and stuff is happening  in the 1st week of Jan.  

Our State Convention of 2010 was not very good with sharing of knowledge, and this one seems to be going the same way.…

Can someone other than Brock ( Brock you are on the committee) tell me if they have been involved in any of this. and can someone explain why things are never published before they happen?

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  •    I am also curious as to why there was no conversation on RMG about this. is it so the good ol’ middle aged white brahmins can keep going?

      SSDD! Again.

  • NOTHING happened last week in regards to the Delegate Selection.  This is how rumors start and the facts are actually very boring.

    What you’re referring to is a document that was recently put online but had been discussed and debated at length and before the attending public (which often includes media, especially RMG editors) before a Massachusetts Republican State Committee meeting the better part of what, 6 months ago?  We had discussion on the matter but ultimately the document passed and I don’t believe with any changes.  Indeed, it’s a relatively routine updating that is required every four years per order of the Republican National Committee for our participation in the 2012 Republican National Convention. Between the SC members, legal counsel, parlimentarian, staffers, etc. I’d guess that approximately 100 pairs of eyeballs read over the draft documents before the nearly 80 of us voted to approve.

    The main reason that the document wasn’t put online prior is simple, you’re reading the FINAL document.  The draft documents were circulated first amont the actual 2012 Rules Committee and then to every State Committee member for their review prior to the scheduled State Committee meeting where the document was voted upon and approved.  It’s online now as the time is growing close to the time for caucuses so that activists, like you, can know what you need to do in order to try to become delegates.  THIS IS sharing of information!!!!  🙂

    Put short, if you want to know how to be elected as a delegate to the 2012 RNC Convention then study that document!

    Don’t confuse the level of activity & responsibility of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee with the Republican National Committee.  By that I mean, you obviously didn’t like the aspects of the 2010 MRSC in Worcester.  Don’t worry, the handful of us who came up with the rules for the 2012 RNC Delegate Selection process didn’t even look at putting together something along that scale and scope for that long weekend in August.  That’s the Republican National Committee’s responsibility.  We only put the method in place for some people to enjoy the festivities and history in the making.

    Now, there are some legal things that have to happen.  Delegates must be selected, there’s an order of events, and perhaps most importantly there is a time schedule to follow.  In the 2010 MassGOP Convention there was pretty wide latitude as to the overall convention.  For example, we decided where the convention would be held (Worcester, although Springfield & Boston had their supporters.  The two previous were in Lowell).  Yes, the 2012 RNC has a site selection committee for the MRSC but it’s where the Congressional delegate caucuses will be held.  Tampa, Florida is already a done deal.  This time around things are very limited from DC.

    Furthermore, the actual rules for the 2012 RNC were pretty much an exercise in looking at a calendar & plugging in the info.  The reason for that is that the Republican National Convention’s rules made it impossible to change certain language this time around.  For example, four years ago the big fight before the MRSC was whether or not we would have proportional or winner take all delegates.  It was presumed that Romney’s people preferred winner take all while McCain, Huckabee, and other campaigns preferred proprortional.  After a lengthy debate at a MRSC meeting we voted to have proportional (and I was a Romney supporter voting in the majority).  THIS year the RNC ruled that if our Presidential Primary was held before a certain date (I think it was before Super Tuesday but I don’t recall exactly) then those primaries MUST BE proportional, no choices permitted.  As our state’s presidential primary IS on Super Tuesday, March 6 (per state law), the main area of convention was rendered moot.

    As such, the real work of the committee was to make the RNC’s Calendar of Events synch up with the real & the Mass political calendars.  We also went line by line, page by page, cleaning up any typos, odd phrasing, or cloudy intent.  However, the Rules Committee did no major changes from 2008, excepting the calendar changes.  Again, the full MRSC voted and accepted the document.  Heck, one committee member was so bored by the endeavor that they walked out early and went home long before I made my trek from Boston to Dartmouth.

    Now, there are still some things not fulfilled in regards to the 2012 RNC here in Massachusetts.  The Site Selection Committee must return with their recommendations (for example, I believe that the 9th Congressional district met four years ago at a school in Mansfield.  Who knows where it will meet this year until the committee comes back and the report is accepted).  The dates and times must also be set.  Once the caucuses are complete then a Credentials committee needs to hear any challenges and rule upon those.  There’s still plenty of work to be done but I wasn’t previously appointed to those committees so I cannot give you an idea as to their progress.  State Committeeman Steve Zykovsky was on the ball and had the Rules Committee act swiftly and in accord with all the RNC deadlines to get the ball rolling.

    The caucus timelines are listed in the document you linked to but basically don’t look for them until after the MRSC reorganizational meeting following the March 6, 2012 Presidential Primary.  Then, we will which candidates have earned how many delegates, done proportionately.

    The 2012 Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee is a prime example of much of the main business of the Massachusetts Republican State Convention and that is making sure the levers of machinery are pulled, on time & in the correct order, for the legal process to go off seamlessly (or as nearly as possible).

  • The document in reference was formally adopted on Wednesday, September 21, 2010 in its final form the State Committee members in attendance at the regularly scheduled meeting.  That was three months ago and done in a full, publicly available, meeting at the Newton Marriott.

    The draft was emailed by a MassGOP staffer on September 16 to all the MRSC members for their review.

    We met to compose the draft document on August 31 (previously scheduled for the 29th but fears of the impending hurricane/tropical storm pushed it back a few days).

    Here is the final draft of the document:

    Furthermore, just so everyone knows – although you could just click on the link, here are the list of people serving on the 2012 Republican National Convention Rules Committee for the Massachusetts Republican State Committee:

    Steven Zykofsky, Chair

    Nancy Luther, Secretary

    Vincent DeVito, General Counsel

    Bowditch & Dewey, LLP

    Antony D. Ferrucci, Political Director

    Patricia Barrett

    Mike Case

    Brock Cordeiro

    Jeanie Falcone

    Rachel Kemp

    Lance May

    Barbara McCoy

    Edward McGrath

    Al Turco

  • Thank you Brock …

    I’ll  try to put it in more simple layman’s terms.

    Every four years – Republicans all over the USA get to gather and vote for the person who will run on the Republican ticket for President. This year’s Convention will be in Tampa Florida on August 27. If you want to attend as a Republican from Massachusetts, you must be a Delegate or Alternate to the Convention. To be Delegate or Alternate you must be voted in at a Caucus, which will be held around the State. The Caucus are organized every four years by the State Party (MASSGOP).

    Before the Caucus happens, the State Committee must agree on the rules. This is what Millie just recently “found”.   Truth is with few exceptions, the rules are pretty much the same.  What changes is the locations of the Caucus, the dates, and maybe how many delegates, alternates there will be.  

    While all this sounds complicated, it’s really quite simple. Let’s say you want to go to Florida for the 2012 Convention. Understand that you pay all your own cost including lodging, meals, flights, and any other cost with the convention. Could be a couple of thousand. But with that in mind, you still want to go. In early 2012, the MASSGOP will starting advertising where the April/May (?) Caucus is going to be for your Congressional District.  Could be held at a hall, a public school or where ever an inexpensive location can be found. It’s not fancy, it’s not a convention, and the only purpose is to vote for Delegates.

    It’s typically a Saturday morning, and if it’s like the Caucus I helped run for my district 4 years ago, about 200 people show up (each Caucus is different, some had less people). Any registered Republican can run to be a Delegate and all Republicans get to vote. You go, sit through 15 minutes of rules someone has to nominate you and your get XX minutes to speak) and then everyone who attends votes. And about 2 hours later you leave.

    As most people 1) don’t want to go to the Presidential Convention and 2) Couldn’t afford to go if they even wanted to, you often find a bunch of die hard Republicans attending the Caucus to visit with old friends and see what’s new. Also, anyone who REALLY wants to go, will get a bus full of their Republicans friends and family from the district to vote for them.

    Overall a fun morning, but not a real big deal unless you want to go to Tampa Florida in August!