Broadside Appearance with Tom Conroy

Tom Conroy, former U.S. Senate Candidate and I were on Broadside, with Jim Braude on NECN tonight.  We talked, Gingrich-Romney, Obama and Brown vs. Warren.

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  • this coming from a Romney Supporter.

    I thought you handled the bet issue admirably considering the fact that practically everyone has bet a million dollars symbolically on their position at some point in their lives; with no intention of actually betting a real mill.

    These types of bets are typically meant to signify how strongly you believe your right in your opinion. Real bets are typically a drink, cup of coffee a dollar or maybe even $10.

    However, If Romney had bet Perry a dollar, it would appear he had little or no confidence in his position.

    Now $100 to the others charity, that would of been real.

    $10,000 signify’s confidence, though its obviously a token play money wager, even to those two as no reasonable person would believe they would be making illegal real bets of that magnitude in a debate, not in this fashion anyways.

    Now, if Obama had made that same gesture during a debate, I’ll bet you a million dollars the media would of portrayed this moment completely different!