Bob Maginn Wins the Chairmanship of the Republican Party

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Bob Maginn is the new chair of the Massachusetts Republican party with a vote of 51-21 with one abstention.  


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  1. Does anyone have an thoughts on Maginn, as opposed to posting snafus?

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  6. ….Oh.  Wait.  I did.

    He asked me if Maginn was some kind of “corporate outsider type”, and I replied. “Not exactly”.

    Corporate Outsider type better described Darrell Crate (who I admired as a chair very much).  Maginn has the same Bain-esque background as Crate and Romney, but his work – his VERY sincere and important work – in the charitable world gives him a different vibe.  He doesn’t across as aloof as Crate did.

    I would describe him as having Crate’s abilities and contacts combined with Torkilson personableness and listening skills.

  7. This his how Bob Maginn described himself and how he’d act as a chair as according to his web bio:

    •Bob serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer at Jenzabar. As Chairman and CEO, he led Jenzabar’s transformation from a dotcom start-up to an industry-leading enterprise solution provider.

    •Bob holds a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, a Master of Liberal Arts in Government from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Dayton.

    •Bob runs The Jenzabar Foundation, whose goal is to recognize and support the good works and humanitarian efforts of student leaders and others serving others across the local and global community. The Foundation seeks to foster a culture of service and to educate and inspire future generations to create a better world. To accomplish its mission, The Jenzabar Foundation issues grants to institutions of higher education and other non-profit organizations with similarly aligned missions, and helps promote the activities of grant recipients within their communities and on a global level.

    •Bob is a Evangelical Christian, who is extremely active in his church and community.

    •Bob is a fiscal and social conservative, looking to unite our Party around the principles and issues the voters care about such as job creation, fiscal discipline, transparency on Beacon Hill and conservative values; and not divide our Party based on ideological differences.

    •Bob will not take a salary as Chair, saving the Party tens of thousands of dollars and allow vital staff members to be adequately paid. He’s going to put money in to the Party, not take it out. He is the only candidate running who will NOT take a salary as Chair.

    •Knowing how critical fundraising is to the core of what the State Party does, namely recruit and support our candidates in all parts of the state, Bob wants the election for Chair held as soon as possible so the new Chair can begin raising from individuals $15K this calendar year and then $15K more in 2012! Every day that passes, we are missing a chance to raise money for the Party this year and fill our accounts for the 2012 election cycle.

    •Bob will be an excellent fundraiser for our Party. He already served as State Party Finance Chairman and as Finance Co-Chairman for Mitt Romney and Scott Brown as well as a maximum contributor to the State House PAC helping elect our large group of new State Reps.

    •Bob won’t  be a top-down Chair –  He knows what’s like to run down-ticket from his experience running for State Treasurer in 1998 and gaining 2nd most votes of any Republican on the ballot that year other than the Governor.  Will not let the top-ballot races suck out all the oxygen from legislative candidates.

  8. of Crate well enough to have a perspective on what your comment entails.  Or Torkilson, for that matter.  I’ve heard the names often enough; but thats all they are to me.

    But hey, I don’t get to feel like the young whipsnapper too often anymore, so thats a silver lining.

  9. I was there for the election, but didn’t get to meet Mr. Maginn.

    However, I second Mr. Porcupine’s characterization. Yes, he is a corporate guy in terms of approach. Look no further than the very methodical and business-like way in which he conducted his campaign for chairman. But that is going to be a good thing, as the party has tremendous organizational problems to be solved.

    I do think his charitable work, as well as what his new company does (empowering do-gooders or something) has definitely made him a different guy than if he had just been a Bain employee.

    I particularly liked his web video talking about how work can be fun. It showed a nice, positive side of his personality.

    Does any of this matter?

    Well, after the vote, I was having a beer at the hotel bar with a group of RINO-hunters who were… unhappy that Maginn had won. I asked them if the stuff they were concerned about really mattered if the party actually got tangible results out of the guy (i.e. more money raised, infrastructure built, more elections won.) They didn’t wholeheartedly agree with what I was saying, but they at least appreciated that the (pointless) ideology wars just might be put on the back burner if the party actually got healthier as an organization.

    To that end, I do think Maginn’s background will probably be a great thing. We don’t need people who sign their RMG posts “Conservatively,” (as Mr. McNamara did) we need people who work off of project plans* and review spreadsheets.

    * I was hoping that Chairman Maginn gets behind some technology projects for the party, as his company has done a lot of software work. I have already seen some very good signs that will happen!

  10. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that Jenzibar, which is a software company, does a lot of work in colleges & universities.  Basically, it’s Jenizbar software that in a great many institutions handles all aspects of the college experience: enrollment, class selection, professor grading, just about anything & everything related to a student, prof, or administrator’s usage of a computer.

    Now, because of Jenzibar’s success (it employs something like 300 people, if I recall correctly), Bob & his wife created the Jenizbar Foundation which is the chartiable arm.

    At Wednesday’s meeting the number of Chinese girls saved from forced abortion by Bob’s work with the Foundation blew my mind.  I had heard the number of just under 550 saved but the number, I believe given the other night, was closer to closing in on 800!

    The Party won’t be saved by software — no matter how sophisticated or slick — but it could help push us greatly in the right direction.  

  11. The foundation is called JenzAbar and here is a link –


    I am most impressed by the charity it supports, All Girls Allowed.  Here is a link –

  12.     It all starts at the bottom.  City and Town Government, State Reps, State Senators—forget the top of the ticket!  Another 25 seats in the House will make a huge difference to the way Massachusetts operates.  IT’S probable this time around any long term incumbent has a problem.  That we now hold 4 senate seats and zero congressional seats is very disheartening.  The Cape and South Shore congressional seat is winnable.  So too, the seat now held by Cong.Frank with a much friendlier R and Unenrolled setting. Tierney too might be had.  

        Lastly—Mr. Maginn, please don’t use the office to run for office.  That is a non-starter for many of us who want a viable, two party system.  

       Build a solid foundation and hopefully we come back to a Republican enrollment the begins to build solid numbers.  

  13. Brock –

    Jenizbar does all kinds of consulting. Some of it is around software, but even that is often very high-level (how to use it, what software to use) and isn’t particularly technical. That being said, Chairman Maginn showed with his campaign site that he is probably the most technically sophisticated chairman ever. I am very enthusiastic about that!

    And the party is going to be saved by software. I help large companies add new tools for contact management, project management, communication, group calendaring, marketing, and much more. Better software will radically change everything the party does from fundraising, to RTC management, to SC operations, to every campaign statewide. We are in an information revolution and politics is the ultimate information war. Trust me – software could (will?) save this party. I think based on his background, Chairman Maginn will get that.

    p.s. Brock – thanks for all you have done on RMG to help us little people to understand the election process – warts and all!

  14. Brock –

    What if you, as an SC member, could, on a web page, see the activities, status, and contact info for every RTC and campaign in your area? That you could see what was working and what was not?  That you could have online meetings with any of those groups and discuss what was in the reports? What if you could see, on a single page, the coverage all local media gave to all Republican activities in your area? What if you could also glance at all RTC activity statewide to see what was working elsewhere and you could easily send a message to anyone else in the state – all from your home computer? What if you could access a whole new database of everyone in the party statewide and see their volunteer activities and where things were going best?

    All that is possible and could be implemented before the 2012 elections. I am not making this up – I do this for a living.

    If the party had that kind of software – it would be a game changer!

    p.s. I have also sent this outline to Chairman Maginn.  

  15. p.s. Brock – thanks for all you have done on RMG to help us little people to understand the election process – warts and all!  

    You’re very welcome.  Unfortunately, far too many of our activists simply aren’t informed as to what transpires at our MRSC meetings, much less elections.  Therefore, quite a bit of speculation, rumor, and conspiracy is bred.  It’s not as if the MRSC actively tries to supress information but rather that we’re not actively promoting and informing.  One thing I’ll give him credit for is how every meeting SC member Bernie Green will intentionally make the technically unneccessary motion to place the treasurer’s report on file.  Likewise, I’d love to see our minutes posted online once approved by the entire MRSC.  A detailed agenda might be helpful as well.

    Honestly, the VAST majority of work done by the MRSC is actually pretty damn boring and simply the collective act of pulling the levers of the politcal machinery to make sure everything required by the Republican National Committee & state law go off on time & without a hitch.  It’s a whole lot of cyclical going through the motions and tweaking the past plans for current use.

    Excepting the Platform and/or Issues Committees (and that’s if & when they’re active), there’s very, very little to do with principles or policy but even those, in practice, tend to get subordinated to the realities of the activity of the State House & Senate Caucus.  I think this is probably the biggest misunderstanding between those on the MRSC & those who are not.  Our structure and the agenda is such that it’s not an incubator or executor of ideas.  Those tend to be the allied organizations/think tanks/etc. and the elected officials.

    There are other committees such as Public Relations that are woefully under staffed with MRSC volunteers.  Indeed, in the recent past the Candidates Committee (which I’d argue is one of the busiest) has brought aboard several non-MRSC members in order to broaden its horizons, depth of experience, and to simply have a larger body of actists.  Indeed, sometimes it’s darn right difficult to round up MRSC member volunteers.  Sometimes, the most vocal opponents of MRSC activity are those very inactive MRSC members who refuse to volunteer their time & talents to the cause.  I bring this up specifically since Chairman Maginn has put out the call for potential committee volunteer assignments.

    To wrap up, I often compile a post-MRSC email update and send it to my constituents and interested parties beyond.  Even if it’s a snoozer, our grassroots activists deserve to know what’s going on.  They should be welcomed & encouraged to provide advice or get involved to the extent that they are comfomrtable.  RMG is great that it blogs & sometimes vidoes live from our meetings.  Transparency is a word often thrown around but I’m more than happy to be an occasional window into the MRSC as well as someone willing & able to open that window to let in a breath of fresh air.  Afterall, without our grassroots activists & our brave candidates…there is no reason for 80 people to gather around the Greater Boston area

  16. Ed,

    You know what I would love to have, an updated contact system that could be used on a tablet, my choice would be iPad, so when going door-to-door we could enter the information right on the tablet.  Ideally we could not only add notes, but send information right to the person with whom we are speaking.  So if someone asked for a position paper we were discussing rather than promissing to send it later, it could be sent right then and there. Or if someone said okay for a yard sign then we could send the request to the sign team right there on the spot.  Gets rid of notes and redundant, time-wasting data entry after being out campaigning.  Would add productivity but, more important, make the experience with the voter more interactive and responsive.  Of course this would not work for all people going door-to-door or for all people whose door you happen to knock on, it it would bring us way forward in IT capabilities.

    Could we have this for 2012?

  17. The Democrats in Massachusetts have a similar, but much more primitive version of what you have asked for.

    But yes, we could have this by 2012, but it would require major tinkering with voter vault, a relatively simple data processing application in the middle, and a cross-smartphone application that would work on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

    I think the whole thing would take 3 months and maybe 2 people who knew what they were doing. Too difficult to project cost at this point, but yes – definitely could be done by 2012.

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