Bob Maginn and the State Party’s Hypocrisy?

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I preface my comments by saying I don’t know Bob and understand that he is a good guy. Today’s news that Bob maxed out last cycle to Deval Patrick and failed to disclose that fact to the delegation that elected him GOP Chair is troubling.

About two years ago, as I’ve stated many times, I restarted the Swampscott Town Committee. In Oct of 2010 it became very clear to me that I could not support the local GOP candidate. I had a long term friendship, both personally and as a local elected official, with my State Rep, Lori Ehrlich. We share some of the same views on one of my core issues, public education. I wrote a letter supporting Lori in her quest for reelection and wrote her a $50 check. Before any of the above, the letter and the check, I resigned my position as Treasurer and member of the local RTC. It was very difficult and I received a great deal of crap. As I’ve said before I am proud of my decision to write the letter and send the check. I knew the consequences.

So how is the Chair of the State GOP Committee any different than me?

It’s not personal.

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