Bob Maginn and the State Party’s Hypocrisy?

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I preface my comments by saying I don’t know Bob and understand that he is a good guy. Today’s news that Bob maxed out last cycle to Deval Patrick and failed to disclose that fact to the delegation that elected him GOP Chair is troubling.

About two years ago, as I’ve stated many times, I restarted the Swampscott Town Committee. In Oct of 2010 it became very clear to me that I could not support the local GOP candidate. I had a long term friendship, both personally and as a local elected official, with my State Rep, Lori Ehrlich. We share some of the same views on one of my core issues, public education. I wrote a letter supporting Lori in her quest for reelection and wrote her a $50 check. Before any of the above, the letter and the check, I resigned my position as Treasurer and member of the local RTC. It was very difficult and I received a great deal of crap. As I’ve said before I am proud of my decision to write the letter and send the check. I knew the consequences.

So how is the Chair of the State GOP Committee any different than me?

It’s not personal.

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  • Frank McNamara was slighted for having donated to non-Republican candidates, but it seemed to me that what he did was send money to the most prolife person in the race regardless of party.  I don’t feel like searching out the old post with the list of his donations, but it also struck me at the time that none of those non-Republicans appeared to be Democrats but instead they came from various third parties such as Phil Lawler and the Constitution Party.

    So now we have Bob Maginn having donated to a Democrat and not even having as good a reason as Frank for having crossed party lines.

    I’m just shrugging my shoulders at the whole thing since it doesn’t matter much now.  Bob is in and won’t be stepping down.  This revelation probably wouldn’t have changed any of the support he got form the State Committee excepting that Bob may have had to spread a bit more money around than he did originally.

  • …$500 to a non-Republican to someone NOT bound by any bylaws is not a violation of a damn thing. It may not put a smile on my face but as long as he wasn’t chair at the time then there is no violation.

    Furthermore, he DID own up to a $2,500 check to Schumer.  We’ve run through this scenario before and an overwhelming majority accepted the explanation for the large donation.

    You would’ve been subject to the bylaws as an legal member of the Swampscott Republican Town Committee.  Same bylaws, even playing field.

  • Money talks.  People walk.  But, in what direction?

  • I read stuff like this and its just more fuel to stay in Virginia, permanently. What a mess.

    I remember my first foray into state politics about 20 years ago. I couldnt help but be disgusted by it all. The MA GOP was nothing more than an elitist social club, something from West Egg.  

  • edfactor

    When I read about the Patrick donation that Maginn made (please, people – he got invited to a party for rich people and this was the cover charge) I thought to myself: what an amusing story! The Democrats will be upset that the story will make the new chairman look like a reasonable man instead of a mindless right-wing partisan. The Republicans will also be upset… for the exact same reason. 😛

  • I know little about this, but this type of hedging from high profile people always reeks of access. So Trump-esque.

  • How many struggling blue collar voters out there, who ponied up a little money that they could barely afford will get a hold of this and swear off future donations.

    Imagine the pessimism of some guy out in Belchertown, making 30,000 grand a year, who decided to get involved in the process and send his little $25 check to Baker feeling good about himself and the  party.

    That one $500 check probably offset the heartfelt and earnest contributions of 20 struggling Bay Staters, who decided to get involved in the process, and send what meager funds they could afford out of a sense of civic duty.

    Back into their caves they go. Political recluses forever.

  • NorthShoreRich

    What’s done is done.

    McGinn’s election was pretty much a foregone conclusion the closer to the election we got.  

    What matter’s now is what he does in 2012 election cycle here in the state.  Will it be business as usual with the state district candidates pretty much left swinging in the breeze or will he do things differently?

    We’ll know come November, 2012.  Until then this is just fodder for discussion as it isn’t going to change anything for the moment.

    Just my .02 worth.

  • CVarley

    good thing there are real conservative, constitution supporting organizations out there with members that can and will support truly conservative candidates. Go Tea Party!

    I’m still on the MassGOP email list and no explanation or apology has arrived in my in box yet. Waiting…

  • Just some thoughts about this hot button story, and the topic in general.

    While the news of the donation will hurt his effectiveness as a spokesperson for the MassGOP, Bob Maginn’s success as Chairman of the MassGOP will be determined by the electoral success of the GOP in MA. In the wake of Nov. 2012, the $500 will be long forgotten.

    As someone who spent countless hours and a good deal of my family resources to help get Charlie Baker elected, the news of this $500 donation does sting.

    I find it funny that the only reason Bob Maginn’s donation didn’t violate any MRSC or RTC by-laws was that he wasn’t all that involved in the party until he was tapped to be Chairman.

    I also find it funny that the supporters of Charlie Baker are generally rallying to Maginn’s defense while those who refused or gave only lukewarm support to Baker are now criticizing Maginn the most vocally. I wonder if it would have played out the same if it was a donation to Cahill as opposed to Patrick.

    I’m waiting for the first time for John Walsh to use the, “We all know $500 isn’t important for Mr. Maginn, but it is for the middle class of MA.”

    Bob Maginn’s defense of this contribution is that Deval Patrick supported a charity in which he is involved, One Family, Inc. The real question is how did Governor Patrick support this charity. Was it through a direct private donation, or by support of the various taxpayer funded line items for which One Family, Inc. advocated? If Maginn’s donation was essentially to thank Gov. Patrick for his support of more taxpayer spending, the Democrats can definitely use this to counter many GOP talking points on spending and the budget. (ex. “Even the MassGOP chairman supported increased funding for xyz, which shows how out-of-touch and far-right my opponent is.”)

    The best part about the donation for Maginn is that Deval Patrick announced he isn’t running again. If he was, Maginn would be a highly ineffectual spokesperson in the 2014 gubernatorial election year.

    If I were advising the MassGOP, I would have Maginn make light of the situation. If used against him by Walsh or some other Dem. he can retort, “Warren is so far to the left that not even I could make a donation to her.”

    All that being said, Bob Maginn’s donation history won’t impact my support of the candidates I will volunteer for in 2012. It shouldn’t impact that level of activism of any other conservative or GOP activist as well. We need to elect more good Republicans to office in MA at all levels, re-elect Senator Brown and elect a GOP President. I will be working just as hard as last time, and I’m just glad that Bob Maginn is going working with us 100% of the time this year.

  • The State Gop has been hijacked by this bunch of Weld Romney Kaufman Nassour Liberals – They Say they are Republicans but sure don’t act like it. I can not believe the sheep like Brock and others who except this bunch of BS from Maginn and others in the party. WAKE UP TAKE BACK OUR MA STATE GOP.

    Maginn new exactly what he was doing – that’s why he made sure to misspell the name of his company and make the trail hard to follow. WAKE UP

  • CVarley

    Can we take up a collection and send Brock on a cruise? Sheesh, let it go, Brock. We know your position. Where is Maginn? Let him answer already!!!

    I’d offer to put in the first $500 but I pledged to donate any extra cash on hand this year to state legislative candidates!

  • Brock are you shure you didnt get a nice reward for all the nice hard work your doing proping up a Liberal Rino establishment???

    Just a thought

    More info on Ma RINO FEST 2012

    In 2009 Maginn donated $2400 to ultra-left Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). (How bad is Schumer? Here’s our MassResistance video of Schumer marching in the New York City Gay Pride Parade, along with disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner.)

    Maginn’s wife is a liberal activist who avidly supports the “Occupy Boston” movement and recently went to their encampment in downtown Boston to advise them “on strategies.”

    In 2003 Maginn was reprimanded and fined by the state Office of Campaign Political Finance (OCPF) for improperly laundering $25,000 for radio ads for the Mitt Romney for Governor campaign, and misrepresenting their origin.

    Maginn is very candid about being pro-life (although he has given money to pro-choice politicians). But he hasn’t posted anything that we can find about his views on same-sex “marriage,” homosexual rights, transgender rights, and the like.  

  • I count at least three different spellings of the Chair’s name on this thread alone, so I really do think the name was misspelled in the reporting.

    M-A-G-I-N-N.  Not a Mc, not a Mac, not a MicMac.

    I have never given money to any Democrat, and cannot fathom doing so.  Work on community projects with them?  Sure.  Like them personally?  Absolutely.  Donate money?  Never.

    That said, the time to have brought this out is when the Schumer donation became an issue.  And I would STRONGLY suggest that any other such donation – at any level, State, Federal or Local – be announced now.  Political donations are a matter of public record, not personal business.  I assure you all, every paper in the state is combing every record.  

    Only Robert/Bob Maginn/McGinn/MacGinne knows if there have been other such donations, no matter how innocuous they may have seemed at the time.  It is better if he chooses to be frank, rather than prolong this with a Death of a Thousand Cuts over weeks.