BMG admits banning me to avoid issue

Well, it warmed my heart to see that this over at BlueMassGroup, in David’s report of his visit to RMG:

Second, you will be pleased to know that good old John Howard, long since banned from BMG, continues to hijack comment threads at RMG with his lonely quest to turn every political issue into a referendum on same-sex reproduction.

I’m glad he admits that he banned me because I was bringing up same-sex reproduction when they didn’t want to talk about it. That’s a pretty remarkable admission. (And it wasn’t every thread, only threads that were related to it.)

The reason same-sex couples don’t have federal benefits and don’t have recognition in 44 states is because those guys chose to ban me rather than admit that they didn’t really care about that, they only cared about same-sex couples having equal procreation rights to male-female couples.

David notes that it’s been a long time since they made that choice. During that time, all those thousands of couples have been suffering who knows how much real personal pain, when they could have been enjoying security and protections of Civil Unions defined as “marriage minus conception rights.” That’s a tragic outcome.

Imagine if they had endorsed the Egg and Sperm Civil Union Compromise instead of banning me. It would have quickly snowballed into action and the laws would been enacted years ago. Imagine how much would have been gained, and the only thing lost would have been the claim of equal procreation rights. What a tragic choice they made.

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