American Thinker 12/23/11: Obamacare and the Ratchet Theory of History – by Mike Stopa

There are a lot of things that Americans fear about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  They fear that they won’t be able to continue to go to the doctor whom they trust.  They fear that once a single consumer — the government — replaces 300 million consumers of drugs and medical technology and then begins to regulate costs, the spigot of medical miracles will slowly shut off (just such regulation and results are already a reality in Europe).  Americans fear the disappearance of choice of treatment as they age and the inevitable appearance of death panels (a prelude to which — mandatory end-of-life counseling for Medicare beneficiaries — is already materializing in Massachusetts).  But perhaps Americans’ greatest fear of all is that Obamacare is a one-way door — that it has been plainly designed, rammed through, and implemented with an aim to being irreversible.

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