A Request for a Modicum of Decorum

I’m neither the owner of RMG nor one of its moderators, that would be Rob & a few other friendly faces around here, but I am going to put forth a general request for a modicum of decorum.  Sure, there has been plenty of rough even salty language here on this blog for over the years, and I have no desire to either seek censorship or infringe upon someone’s First Amendment rights, but reading it even the past few days has led me to be fed up with the course, base, vulgar, and down right obscene language floating around this corner of the blogosphere.  

RMG isn’t a locker room full of jocks and as such we should remember that there are a good many ladies, and perhaps even children, who read the website.  There’s no reason for this blog to be rife with proverbial four-letter words or vulgar anatomical references.  We should no have to question if you proverbially kiss your mother with that foul mouth nor should verbiage best let on street corners or dirty movies be used in refined public places.

I’ll simply assert that if you, and I’ll leave that up to each of our own individual consciousness’s to decide if you run afoul here, cannot adequately espouse or defend your own opinions and positions without resorting to anything less than an edifying usage of the King’s English then I’ll maintain that your view is likely both untenable and not worth posting.

At the end of the day, the vast majority of us are self-professed conservative Republicans and while I do not necessarily expect a level of discourse mirroring William F. Buckley, Jr., we should not be an embarrassment to our cause and our party by resorting to the lowest forms of expression.

I’m not exactly a prude, nor am I a stranger for such utterances in less appropriate places – after all I come from a very long line of truck drivers & fishermen – but enough is enough, it’s time we collectively crawled out of the knuckle dragging gutter of foul language and raised the discourse to a level befitting God and country.

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  • That video was as vulgar as anything I have ever heard or read on this site. I’ve seen the movie and actually enjoyed it, but give me a freakin’ break.


  • edfactor

    A site that lets any person or spam bot sign up anonymously, stay anonymous, and have no real chance of an admin removing your post… will not have people acting in a classy way.

    The answer, as I have recommended in the past, is for the site to be changed to add features to let people instantly flag bad stuff, and have easy-to-use filters based on that flagging to remove things. There are a wide variety of other approaches in use out there.

    This isn’t a hard problem to solve – especially as almost all of the worst stuff is from fewer than 10 people. Rob just has to decide he wants to solve it. He does not.

    But I agree with you Brock. Many types of people and certainly some women visit the site, and we shouldn’t use this kind of language in mixed company.

  • (deep voice …warning ..warning …) 2 women and a liberal has entered the site …

    (deep voice ….warning …warning …) the women have left but the liberal is trolling …

    (deep voice …warning de-activated) the site is now empty …

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Don’t fall for it BNCordeiro.  Those aren’t children – those are liberals pretending to be chldren trolling for sexual encounters…..

  • “expect a level of discourse mirroring William F. Buckley, Jr”

    …how about Avi Nelson in his younger and rougher years?