Why Republicans Should Unite Behind Newt Gingrich (UPDATED)

Need the one reason why Republicans should unite behind Newt Gingrich?

Because the liberal, elitist media come out with silliness like photo slideshows entitled “Newt Gingrich Looking at People Condescendingly.”

Even the preface is smug:

Recent polls have confirmed Newt Gingrich’s emergence as a top-tier candidate in the race for the Republican presidential nomination – and it’s about time. Gingrich is the most intellectually gifted human being since, probably, Einstein, and possibly Aristotle. His ideas are earth-shattering, his arguments unassailable. Every single person he has ever interacted with is, undoubtedly, mentally inferior. Which is why condescension, sometimes mixed with pity, has become Gingrich’s signature look. Here are some of his greatest hits.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to shove stuff like this in the face of the liberal, elitist media by having the GOP unite behind and nominate Newt?

UPDATE: If you need a second reason, how about this awesome interview from 2006:

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