Why no websites for Jain, McNamara, and Greeley?

Bob Maginn has created a website to showcase his opinions, values, plans, and experience. It is super-helpful for us who have not gone to the nice dinners he has been at.

Why haven’t the other candidates gone to WordPress, Squarespace, or Drupal Gardens to create a site? It would cost them less than $25 (sometimes free!) and take only a few hours to get their message on the web where the SC and party members could see it. (Of course they could just do a Facebook Fan page as well.)

This is 2011, people! If you have something to say, put it on the web! Especially as Internet technology is a key infrastructure and training issue for the next party chairman, I think it doesn’t look good if candidates won’t use it at all to get their message out.

In the name of having a competitive election, if any of them want help, email me and I will send you the exact steps you need to get a simple site up in a few hours – or I can give some tips on FB Fan Pages (My email is: ejlyons@ix.netcom.com) – Ed

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