The YouTube Scoreboard in Massachusetts’ 2012 U.S. Senate Race

There have been a lot of YouTube videos pertaining to the 2012 U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts that have been trying to go viral.  Let’s go to the scoreboard.

Of course, the winner, we all know, is the video of Elizabeth Warren talking about the debt crisis and fair taxation.  In less than two months, it is approaching 800,000 views.  By comparison, Scott Brown released a video offering meaningless (and pretty absurd – “go forth and conquer” anybody) platitudes about jobs.  In almost three months, it is approaching 2,900 views.  Yeah, a bit of a gap.

The right-wing has also gotten into the mix.  The MassGOP released its first web video “Throw Rocks” a little over a month ago.  It was most notorious for its squiggly, tinted camera-editing designed to make Elizabeth Warren look evil and scary.  Well done, MassGOP.  Credit where it’s due, though.  In just over a month, the video is approaching 59,000 views.  That said, over 10,000 of the views (the plurality of views from any one site), according the page’s statistics, were from, ostensibly with a liberal audience meaning that the MassGOP only served to drive up support and contributions for Elizabeth Warren with their ham-handed video.

The MassGOP dipped their toe in the YouTube water a second time with “Matriarch of Mayhem;” but, with sequels, it dropped off from the original.  In about three weeks, it’s at about 21,000 views.  Apparently, the MassGOP got a good deal on the squiggly, tinted footage editing; and, apparently, the MassGOP thinks that everyone knows and respects the judgment of Douglas Schoen (who?), who the video references multiple times.  The gist of the video is apparently that, because some people at Occupy events were rightly or wrongly arrested and a some people there don’t like capitalism, um, Elizabeth Warren is bad… or something… huh?

Taking the Occupy-connection to whole new levels of silly shadowy production values, but relying on pretty much identical conceptual content as “Matriarch of Mayhem,” Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS PAC spews out “Foundation.”  More Occupiers getting arrested (rightly or wrongly), more, um, Douglas Schoen (huh? who?), more shadowy, tinted film editing.  Oh, and the tagline “We need jobs, not theories and protests.”  That’s flat-out hilarious.  After all, we do hear people complaining about, um, “theories” all the time.  In almost a week, though, the YouTube video is up to 63,000+ views, fairly impressive.  But wait.  Where are these 63,000 views coming from?  The plurality, 10,000+, have come from, the Democratic fundraising site.  In other words, the #1 site that has viewed Karl Rove’s attack video has been a website dedicated to raising money for Democratic candidates.  What is the #2 site?  With 6,600+ views, it’s Huffington Post.  What is the #3 site?  With 4,400+ views, it’s DailyKos.  In other words, of the 60,000 or so views, over one-third, or 20,000+, have occurred on liberal/progressive/Democratic-supportive websites raising money and/or awareness for Elizabeth Warren. Basically, the primary purpose of Karl Rove’s video has been to raise more money for Elizabeth Warren.  Well played, Karl Rove.

That said, Karl Rove’s silly attack video seems to have partially motivated Elizabeth Warren’s first campaign ad, a one-minute bio-spot that explains who she is, where she comes from, and why she’s running.  “Who I Am” packs a lot of material into a short time-span.  And, in just over one single day, it has over 70,000 views.  That well tops the viewing efficiency of either the MassGOP or Karl Rove.

So, to recap:

Elizabeth Warren on the economy: almost 800,000 views in under 2 months

Scott Brown on jobs: almost 2,900 views in almost 3 months

MassGOP’s Throw Rocks: 59,000 views in just over a month (though 10K+ have been from HuffPo)

MassGOP’s Matriarch: a dip from Rocks, 21,000 views in about 3 weeks

Karl Rove’s Foundation: 63,000 views in almost a week (20K+ of which have been on ActBlue, HuffPo, and DailyKos, raising support and/or money for Elizabeth Warren – thanks, Karl!)

Elizabeth Warren’s first campaign ad: over 70,000 views in just about 1 single day

So Elizabeth Warren talking about the economy tops Scott Brown talking about the economy more than 250 times over.

And Elizabeth Warren’s first campaign ad has more views in one day than Karl Rove has in a week or the MassGOP has on either of its videos in 3-4 weeks.  And that’s a blessing for the GOP since Karl Rove’s video has been a terrific donation-generator for Elizabeth Warren anyway.

Keep up the great work, Karl Rove and the MassGOP!

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